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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody & 400th Post Giveaway Winner.

I have missed my lovely friend MELODY and it is so nice to have her back. Once again she is graciously hosting Tuesday's Treasure for us. Pop over and visit her  blog.
My treasure today is such a simple little item and you know what they say about the simple things in life. However I must admit to a bit of an addiction to is the very humble "Bookmark" I LOVE a pretty bookmark.....can't walk past a pretty or different one. I am the person who is so excited when I receive a souvenir bookmark as a gift when my friends return from holidays. I have bookmarks which are crocheted, stitched, cross stitched, painted, wooden, scrapbooked, feature special quotes, places I have visited, works of art, nature and various other mediums and I love them all. In fact that is part of the enjoyment in starting a new book for me is which of my favourites will mind my page while I am away from the story......I know Weirdo!!! Don't care! Love Them!
I am a fairly even tempered type but one of the things that makes me cross is a page corner turner downers.....aaarrrghh! Ask my children. Become enlightened folks and get a bookmark!
Here is a small selection of them as some of my other treasures are minding beloved pages in special books.
So here's to the humble but very important "Bookmark".
The other thing I am treasuring is a Birthday parcel I received from the very lovely Fee from Designs by Fee
Gorgeously wrapped and my nose detected one of my favourite aromas before I even open the gift....

Lavender. Oh I do so love the smell of Lavender. Inside was the cutest Lavender sachet 3 scrummy pieces of fabric (still stroking those) a beautiful handmade fabric brooch in one of my fav colours RED and the sweetest notepad which has one of my very favourite 'furry Aussies' on it a Wombat scratching himself and it is called a "Scratchpad" how cute is that. Thank you so much Fee. I love it all.

I guess I better not forget to tell you who the winner is of my 400th post giveaway.
Drumroll please!!!!! 
The winner is Anthea from Hibiscus Stitches. Congratulations Anthea. Please let me have your snail mail address so I can get your goodies off to you.
Thank you everyone for leaving me such lovely comments.
Well I am off, back to my quilting. I am quilting the border now so I am on the home stretch and want to keep the momentum going.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I am a fellow advocate of bookmarks. Beware the dog ear. You have some lovely gifts to play with, and congratulations on your 400th post.

  2. Hi Michelle should i tell you that i turn down the edges oops,i am running now,lol,only on my own books though.
    What a lovely parcel from Fee and you have the biggest range of books marks that i have ever seen.Well done Anthea you are on a roll,lovely prizes.xx

  3. Congrats to Anthea! Love the bookmark collection! And what lovelies you have to play with tonight! :)

  4. As a teacher-librarian I have to agree with you about the dog-ears... one of my pet hates too! I also have a LARGE collection of bookmarks... I'd be lost without them and they all have tales to tell don't they.

  5. I love your bookmark collection. I get lots of pleasure using the ones I have collected this year on my trips overseas. Your gift from Fee is lovely and congrats to Anthea. Your giveaway was very generous.

  6. Congratulations to Anthea. I agree with you I hate the corners turned down in a book, no need for it when there are so many pretty book marks. x

  7. what lovely goodies - and bookmarks - a great thing to collect! Congratulations to Anthea!

  8. Yah Anthea, brilliant win. I'm with you about the page turndowns - sacriledge! I received a lovely calendar of bookmarks in a Christmas swap 2 years ago - 12 kitty bookmarks that you tear out month by month to use. A gorgeous idea from Europe. I am even more upset by people who write in library books so they know they have read it, mind you maybe the libraries should have a page stuck in for the purpose. I beginning to understand not being able to remember if you have read a book or not now. Tracee xx

  9. A fabulous treasure this week, thank you so much for sharing. Great pressies too. Big congratulations to Anthea.

  10. Great bookmarks... I have my few favourites too.... So pleased for Anthea.. she will be delighted...and such a lovely parcel from Fee.... so much to treasure this week....

  11. I love this post - both for the gorgeous bookmarks, and for my win! I have a timber box my brother made me many years ago when he was still at school, it is the home for all my bookmarks, and my faves are the handmade ones of course. Definitely no page cornering in this house! Thank you Michelle for such a lovely win to me, I'm chuffed... x

  12. Lovely post Michelle. I too am a bookmark fan although I don't have as many as you do. :)
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  13. I am so glad you like it all - I loved everything so I knew you would too LOL Hugs - Fee XXX

  14. I too love bookmarks! In fact I have an engraved leather one dated 1913 that I found in an old book at an op shop many years ago. I cherish it.
    Gorgeous gifties from Fee!! Lucky girl. :-)


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