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Friday, September 21, 2012

Bloggers are Such Nice People

After reading about my I spy quilts for my Grandsons I have had lovely offers of fabrics from my on line friends one of which was SUSAN  from Thimblestitch. Her very cute squares arrived today and I know the boys will love them in their quilts and she also put extra shine on my day my surprising me with the sweetest little handmade thread catcher. It is just adorable and I love it.
Thanks so much Susan for your kindness.
I have been very busy and managed to get a few projects to the finishing line and am sewing the binding down on this one.
I would also just like to say a great big thank you and send  huge squishy hugs to all of you who left me such uplifting comments with regards to my interview on Bronwyn Hayes lovely blog Red Brolly. It was so kind of you all and I really appreciate it. With regards to the interview my Daughter Melissa took all of the photos and got generally driven crazy by her mad Mother for a whole day trying to decide what I wanted.
I shall leave you with a lovely photo  Melissa took while we were preparing for the interview. You can see more of her photography here. I just love this one.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I got to meet Susan this afternoon and she passed on your hug, thankyou so much :)
    Oh, must pop over to read your interview!
    looking forward to seeing your finishes, go girl!

  2. It was my pleasure to help. Your daughters photos were a great part of the interview.

  3. Nice squishy in the mail , the little thread catcher is adorable. I somehow missed the earlier post so will hop on over now to read the interview , congrats on such an honor !

  4. I agree that bloggers are very nice people. Such nice things you received.

  5. Very kind of Susan. I will go and see your interview. Congrats to you.

  6. Lovely fabrics you were sent. Didn't get back to commenting about your interview. Congratulations on it. Hugs,

  7. It was wonderful to read your interview at red brolly and the photos were fabulous too.

  8. Have all the makings for an I Spy quilt but never got around to making it. Have a new great niece so might try and make one for her. It was nice you got some fabrics given to you. They will be a nice addition to your quilt. Hugs......

  9. Lovely to read your interview on Bronwyn's blog.Do you need more I spy fabrics, as I'm going through my stash at th moment and will keep a few back for you if you want them??
    I have to agree that bloggers are a lovely bunch of people :) Barb.

  10. Congratulations on your guest spot on Red Brolly, I popped over and read it! Lots of lovely photos too.

  11. Clever Mother...clever Daughter! :)


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