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Monday, June 11, 2012

Rainy Monday

Hi everyone. It is a very miserable rainy Monday here! We are so glad we got a lot of packing done before the rainy weather came in. Still it's great weather for stitching. Sometimes people ask me how I think of my designs and when I tell them they often look at me a little strangely when I say they present themselves and will not go away until I have drawn and stitched them. So it was with this little girl that I have named "Mistlemouse". She has nagged and nagged me and even though I had a gazillion other things I have needed to be doing..she would not leave me in peace. So here she is.
I started to relax when she was created and stitched but then she told me she likes a whole lot of other Christmas things as well (groan) as Plum pudding, so I guess "Mistlemouse"and I are not finished yet. Watch this space. I am back to the sketch pad and pencil with a very persist little mouse whispering in my ear.

My Mother in Law celebrated her 80th Birthday last week and my family had a little morning tea for her on Sunday. My Daughter made another yummy Kit Kat cake only this one was strawberry cake with lovely pink & white marshmallows.
Blowing out the candles.
Master C loves a party....Wow! Look at that cake!
Master L. just loves a cupcake or two....
I hope your Queen's Birthday long weekend saw you doing something you enjoy.
"The intention you hold in your heart speaks the loudest"
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mother in law :) My dear mum is 87 what a grand age. I do love Miss Mistlemouse, she is very cute and will watch with anticipation to see what she might like :) Have a great week

  2. Happy Birthday MIL! I am glad Mistlemouse kept talking to you, she is lovely, you couldn't keep her hidden away! Linda x

  3. Happy Birthday to your MIL...I can see why mistlemouse wanted to come out and play,hope to see more of her.
    How can I buy your patterns without using a credit card and paying by personal cheque as I sooo want to work on some of your beautiful patterns :) Barb.

  4. Mistlemouse is just too darling... I am looking forward to what you come up with her .... I have been stitching one of your Christmas designs this last week ... happy 80th to your MIL.... great reason for a yummy cake... just hasn't stopped raining here today...

  5. Looks like your MIL had a fabulous birthday. The cake looks soooo nice !!!!!

    Miss Mistletoe Mouse is very sweet. Look forward to seeing what she gets up to.

  6. Love your Little Mistlemouse - she is so cute. Need to think of a reason to try that cake - such a clever idea and obviously very adaptable.

  7. Oh little Mistlemouse is so cute, I look forward to seeing where she takes you! Your mother in laws birthday looks lovely, beautiful cake.

  8. Little Miss Mistlemouse is so sweet and I think it is so wonderful she has more ideas for you and I am sure they will be equally as cute. Happy Birthday to your Mother in Law , lovely cake to celebrate:-) hugs Sheila

  9. Your stitchery is just lovely Michelle and I'm really glad you got the urge to make it...looking forward to seeing more of Miss Mistletoe Mouse. Happy Birthday to your MIL.. The photos are so special. The cake looks amazing. How's the packing going??? What day do you leave? I bet you're getting excited now. xx

  10. Love your little stitchery Michelle. Glad you got some packing done. Have a safe trip, will be looking forward to your updates. Hugs....

  11. I love that your family get to celebrate all the milestones. The cakes look delicious.
    Happy Day MIL.

    Now Miss Mistle mouse is just the cutest and I am glad to hear she likes more than just plum pudding.

    Enjoy your week

  12. Happy birthday to your mother in law. I just love your stitchery. That little mouse is just so cute!

  13. MistleMouse is gorgeous... no wonder she wouldn't leave you alone... you and her will do wonders I'm sure! Fantastic pattern Michelle...LoVe it! Good luck with her in the future too! :)

  14. Ohhh..sorry... and HaPPy BirtHDaY to MIL too!

  15. Your mouse is so cute and the kitkat cake looks delicious. Happy birthday to your MIL

  16. Hmnnnnnnnn may have to make one of those Kit Kat cakes ...looks fabulous !

    Happy Birthday to your MIL.

    And not long now ! Bet you're excited !

  17. Isn't she darling, Michelle! Oh I'm glad she has more planned for you...

    Happy Birthday to your mil!!!


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