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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good Timing

Quite a while ago I was watching an arts programme on television and it was about this particular festival.
The gorgeous cosy creation on the right was my purchase at the Alice Springs "Beanie Festival". I remember thinking how I'd love to see that festival and couldn't believe it would be on while we were here. It is the 16th festival and it is amazing.....everyone gets in the groove and there was beanie clad heads everywhere of every age, shape, man or woman. There is a wonderful exhibition that is judged but no photos were permitted (sorry) but  it was fascinating....gorgeous creations of hand felted, knitted, crocheted or combinations of all 3 were on show. I did take a couple of piccies of the madness at beanie central where you can purchase any of the creations.
How you would wear this pooch on your head beats me.
The one above was a fantasmagorical elf cap and the work was amazing.
There were also wonderful tea cosies too.
Tjanpi Desert Weavers are a renowned group of indigenous women artists who work with grass fibres and make baskets and sculptures. You could sit with them and make a basket but you had to have booked a place. The baskets were beautiful. Outside another photo opportunity beside the "BIG BEANIE"
After some yummy freshly brewed coffee and home baked cake we went through the Albert Namajira gallery which was something. What a talent he was. We also toured the Central Australian Museum and the Aviation Musuem which was interesting as well.
Next came the National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame which was wonderful and I will dedicate a post to later. Just up the street was the Royal Flying Doctor's Service Centre which was begun in Cloncurry Queensland by the Reverend John Flynn. This is a marvellous service providing help to remote country Australians. Gary was very chuffed to take the pilots seat in the cockpit of the model on display.
I fell in love in the souvenir shop with another a pilot... a little furry teddy RFDS Pilot. How could I resist especially with funds going to the service. Even though we were getting a little weary I really wanted to visit the final resting place of John Flynn having seen a picture of his grave as a school girl. For some reason the image always stayed with me. A spectacular place to rest for eternity.
 We headed back to our little home on wheels thinking our day was done only to find ourselves being entertained by a very talented man called Marshall Whyler who plays the didgeridoo. He also gave a wonderful talk and demonstration on playing it. It was just fabulous. 
So that is as they say that. I am really looking forward to my bed this evening I can tell you which brings me to my last photo which my other half took and didn't think I would post. It is yours truly first thing this morning (looking decidedly gorgeous) under my blankies and wearing my beanie because it was sooooo the lesson here is you shouldn't dare me!!!

Bye for now
Blessings Michelle xx
A post script:
The National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame was established when it was noted that their contribution to our country was not highlighted at the "Stockman's Hall of Fame". It was wonderful to read about all of these inspiring and 'gutsy' pioneer women and see their images as well as lots of everyday implements they used to provide the daily necessities as well as their craft.
Of course I was immediately drawn to thus collection of sewing machines.....
There is also an amazing signature quilt signed by our 'women of substance' from every walk of life.
 It is a really big quilt and each block has fabric that has been chosen to represent what each woman's abliltity and contribution is.
I loved this little gathering of treasures...
This is called a Meat Safe cot. There was a very lovely Cathedral Window quilt inside the cot as well as a very cute golly but they didn't come out in my photo.
Last photo a very pretty 2 piece number in the palest powder blue.
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here and it was wonderful to see such a celebration of Australian Women.


  1. Hello Dear..oh You Poor thing it must be Freezing if you have to bed down with a
    have been following your trip it's been Great so far...Glad it's going well for you Both..
    talk soon

  2. what wonderful knitted and crochet creations michelle,so glad it was on while you were ther and also that you got to see the resting place of John Flynn.xx

  3. Love a person who will follow through on a dare , you do look cold though . I enjoyed all the wonderful photos and all those knitted and crocheted treasures really look fascinating. Thanks for sharing your day with us. hugs Sheila

  4. G'day Michelle. Love the beanies and the photos. Must be cold up there if you need to wear a beanie to bed. Take care. Liz...

  5. what fun you are having...

  6. Those beanies are amazing! I bet you were flipping out at all that gorgeousness.

    I dont look half as pretty in the mornings Michelle !

  7. I heard them talking on the radio this morning (Macca All Over) about the Beanie Festival and wondered if you'd get there. I'm sure there were some amazing beanies!

  8. What a great festival - especially when it's so cold! Love the dog, and the elf beanie. What a fantastic time you're having, apart from freezing your head off!

  9. Now you really do look like an old hippie and I'm sure Dad would've fit right in wearing his monstrosity. Still haven't seen a photo of 'that' yet!

  10. Love the beanie! Is it just going to be your holiday beanie?
    Lovely pics.

  11. Hello Michelle,

    I am thoroughly enjoying your posts while you are on your trip. The big beanie is amazing, now I have seen everything.

    Happy days.

  12. Hi Michelle, your great posts have brought many happy memories to my fella and me, of the wonderful trips we have had around this beautiful country of ours. we loved the photo of you with just your eyes peeping from the doona, we know how cold it can get in "The Alice",have gone to bed many times wearing a beanie, an old bushie mate told us years ago if you want to keep your feet warm while camping wear a beanie to bed.Keep enjoying the journey. Hugs R.

  13. Great post Michelle. Must see that beanie in person when you get home. Hugs....

  14. Brrrrr... I'm getting cold looking at your photos, note to self, don't travel to the outback in the middle of winter LOL.... still looks fun Michelle...


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