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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Free Brekkie and a Little Trek

The park where we are staying hosts a free pancake brekkie every Sunday. A very nice gentleman by the name of Brendan whips up all these huge pancakes. All you do is show up with your plate, mug & cutlery say G'day and he plonks a beaut pancake on your plate and you can have 2nds and 3rds if you want. He told us one day he made 920 pancakes and the record number eaten was 14 for a man and 9 by a lady. This is Brendan with his huge grill.
You can have lashing of butter and maple syrup or 'cockies joy' (golden syrup) which was my choice and that is a dinner plate it's sitting on.
After our free brekkie we headed into town to check out the markets in Todd Mall and bought some bits and bobs. I bought a gorgeous bracelet made from 3 old sterling silver teaspoon handles....I love it.
We then headed out to the East Macdonnell Ranges which are not as renowned as the West but they were just beautiful. First was Emily Gap just 7 kms out of town.
There is some very interesting Aboriginal rock art here depicting their dream time story about 3 catepillars which are the ancestral beings of the Alice Springs area.
Next was Jesse Gap which was a larger area but was equally as special. There was a beautiful ghost gum that I had to go and get up close and personal with. The bark felt satiny smooth, it was such a gorgeous tree.
There was more rock art similar to that we found at Emily gap.
The next little stop was a place called Corroboree Rock and we went for a walk around it's base. It is a very sacred place to the Aboriginal people both now and in the long ago past. There are two gaps in the rock that you can see through. Native flora was in abundance and I am saving them all for one post.
We finished our day at Trephina Gorge and did the rim walk which was spectacular. It took us 1hr 20 mins and the walk finishes by walking up the almost dry riverbed. there were little pools here and there that reflected the large cliff face.
This photo was taken from one side of the gorge and we ended up walking right around to the opposite side you see above. Right behind me over my left shoulder is a huge rock fall in the gap and it plummets down to the gorge floor
I love the tree's reflection in the rock pool. Near here we came across 7 native bush pigeons and they were so cleverly camoflaged we almost didn't see them. Can you see it to the right of the photo near the greenery?
In the bushes and trees little flocks of tiny zebra finches flitted around busily and dipped and dived down to the rock pools for a drink. They are a little difficult to see as apart from there red beaks and little stripey markings they are the same colour as the river sand.
That's it from me for today. Now I give you fair warning if you don't like looking at more rocky outcrops better not tune in tomorrow as it will be more of the same as we are hoping to go out to the West side of the ranges to Ormiston Gorge. I did tell you I love a craggy rock or two but what I have seen has been amazing and we aren't even at the big pebble yet.
Just thought I would tell you it was minus 3 here overnight and we had ice on the old camper. We have been nice and toasty though even though I look like the Michelin Man because I have so many layers on. Silly as it is the worst thing has been the burn on my thumb has not healed like the rest of my hand and as it is in the crease of my thumb I give tearing it open and the cold makes it really hurt. I am keeping the Bandaid company afloat at the moment.
Take care all,
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. I was going to ask you if it was cold as you have your coat on in the pics,what happened with your hand Michelle?beautiful pics,does it seem very spiritual around the aborigine areas?Enjoy tomorrow.xx

  2. Thank you for more wonderful photos , this is so interesting to me to see such different landscape than I am use to seeing here ,it looks almost desert like in areas . The Aboriginal art is really wonderful and I love the ghost tree too , oh I loved it all :-)hugs Sheila

  3. I am enjoying the tour! Enjoy today, Michelle.

  4. Ironic that it is -3 in central aus. You don't think that it would get that cold.
    Beautiful landscape and scenery pics.
    How about another one with the beanie?

  5. G'day Michelle. Lovely photos and that pancake looks ever so yummy, it is making my mouth water. I too wouldn't have thought the temperature would get that low up there. We had minus 3 here in my part of North Central Victoria on Saturday morning. The back and front yards were white with frost. It looked beautiful. Take care. Liz...

  6. more lovely pictures....

  7. Free Breakfast? I'm there with bells on! That pancake looks so good!

    Minus 3 is kind of cold....

  8. Thank you for sharing your journey, it is like we are there with you (chuckle) enjoy...

  9. I would have been back in line for seconds on those pancakes. Love seeing the photos.

  10. Wow those pancakes are making me feel hungry. Another great photo post. Hope your finger gets better soon. Hugs....

  11. Take care of that hand... you need to be able to sew!!!

  12. Hey Michelle! Lovely to see your pics! We've spent a few holidays in Alice Springs cos my brother lives there ... if you pop into the Telstra shop, say G'day to Paul! :0) Enjoy your exploricating! Bear Hugs! KRIS


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