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Friday, June 8, 2012

FTF & Naughty Tenants

 Good Morning and Happy Friday! Time to express my fondness for something and share it by linking to SHAY at Quilting in my Pyjamas. Today my favourite thing is my new lovely fluffy "Scottie Dog" flanno P.J'S. I am a big fan of flanno's anyway.
I love Scottie Dogs as we had one in our family when I was growing up ( a black one called Lassie ...what else) and "Wee Jock" the little white Highland terrier in the TV show Hamish Macbeth also stole my heart the moment I saw him. So when I saw these and they were very inexpensive ones  which was even better I knew I had to have them. Aren't they cute?
Now to the bad tenant. My lovely friend Helen lives up in the pristine rainforest in the hinterland around Beechmont and grew these beautiful pumkins.
We were all delighted when she shared her bounty with her Yoga Sisters and I followed instructions to pop it in the sun until the stalk dried out. Visions of yummy Pumpkin soup, roasted pumpkins flashed through my mind....couldn't wait! Well when I came out this morning this is what I found....
Someone helped themselves without an invitation. Guess who?
Who Me? I have borrowed this photo from Here
 as ours was a hit and run attack and my photo through the window screens at midnight didn't came out. Lucky our downstairs tenant Mrs Possum is cute I can tell you!
Not much sewing going on here I have been much too busy with everyday life but I have managed to stitch a few little Christmas Hexies .
I hope you all have a lovely weekend. We have a long weekend here which is always great.
A little favourite quote for Friday by Ralph Waldo Emerson.....
"One of the blessings of old Friends is that you can afford to be stupid with them"
I think it's wonderful that they love you anyway.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. What cute jammys they are! :)
    Oh Nooo... but just think how much your little possum enjoyed his fresh pumpkin!
    Love the hexies of course! Xmas! :)

  2. G'day Michelle. Those PJ"s are so cute. When we had the farm, we had possum problems, but they are such lovable rascals. I am sure your lovely pumpkin would have made a delicious snack for them. Take care. Liz...

  3. Have PJ's graphics come along way, gone are the boring plain colours.... just love your quote O how true enjoy your weekend

  4. I love my flannelette pjs too. Must have been a very tasty pumpkin indeed - so many little bites.

  5. what a cheeky villain!
    Will be interested to see those hexies come together.
    Lovely pj's.

  6. Cute pj's. What a naughty possum. I made pumpkin soup last week from a pumpkin that grew out of the compost heap! It was very yummy!

  7. Lovely pj's. We had rats eat our veggies this summer, not nearly as cute as the possum, we got them though when they decided to migrate to the roof space when the cold weather hit.. ratsack finished them off but we couldn't put it out in the open because of our dog and they just laughed at all our rat traps lol.

  8. So cute your new PJ's....
    Oh No what a naughty possum...

    Your christmas hexies are looking good.

  9. Love the PJ's , flannel is my favorite too as I love to be warm when I am sleeping. I had to laugh at Mrs. Possum eating your pumpkin, I bet she was smiling the whole time . Have fun making hexies I enjoy making them to , maybe it is time to get a few made it has been a while.

  10. I like you new pjs.....
    Sorry about the pumpkin, tho. :(

  11. My goodness.. that possum really got stuck into the pumpkin... must have thought you left lollies for it!!! Flanny PJ's.. the best thing about winter!!
    Hugz and Happy Hexie stitchin'

  12. Like the PJ's. What a shame you weren't the one that got to enjoy the pumpkin...the little devil.

  13. Eeeek! Pyjamas as a favourite totally got my attention! Those scottie dogs are so cute! And yes you’re really going to need those jammies once you hit my part of the world.

    But Mrs. Possum was cant really blame her. She probably thought the pumpkin had been left out for her.

  14. Those PJs are adorable. So is the naughty tenant who ate your pumpkin. Love the quote, so true!

  15. Sorry but I had a giggle with the pumpkin story, we have some drying too I must check them lol
    Your new PJs look nice n snuggly :)

  16. Cute pjs. Sorry about the pumpkin. so true about old friends.

  17. Hi there, followed you from Mrs. P! Love your PJ's but it is a bit warm for them here! I always wear flannel in the winter time thought. You have a lovely site and your patterns are really pretty. I like the Christmas hexis. Are you stitching each petal?

  18. Those pj's are ADORABLE - I'd have to put them in a quilt, lol! So sorry about your pumpkin...I'm sure Mrs. Possum enjoyed it!


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