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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody and A New Little Book & Valentine's Winners.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone in my time zone and early wishes to those of you who are not.
The beautiful graphic above is from Mo at Rose Petals from Heaven.
How lovely that Tuesday's Treasures falls on a day that represents love and affection as it is what we all feel for our gorgeous hostess MELODY. Why don't you visit her wonderful blog and see what treasure abounds.
My treasure today is 2 little 'furry' girls from my Cherished Teddies collection themed for Valentine's Day. I loved them the minute I saw them way back in 1993 & 1995. They have between them a little stitchery heart that I bought at a craft fair many years ago. I don't know who the stitcher was but it is such a sweet and simple little thing and I treasure it. It has hung on a cupboard door handle where I see it everyday for a very long time and still reminds me more often than not 'simple' is beautiful. My two sweet girls are sitting on a beautiful milk jug covered crocheted by the very talented Marina from Maisie and the boys. I treasure this as it was a "just because I liked it" gift sent to me from Marina. I do use it for what it was intended but with it's lovely heart design I just had to share it again.
I have finally finished another little book of stitchery drawings as everyone seemed to love "Christmas Fixin's". This little one has drawings you can use to stitch for friends or loved ones when you want to express that special little sentiment or add to another gift. I have loved doing it and I hope you will enjoy it too.
As it is Valentine's Day I have decided to add the little book to my giveaway and also to giveaway an extra copy.
"Stitchery Keepsakes" $14.00 Aus. Paypal excepted. Email me to secure a copy.
Well I suppose you would like to know who the winners are:
The winner of the Valentine's day giveaway is Jeanette from Jeanette's Place.
The winner of the extra little "Keepsakes" book is Marcia from Daisy Jane.
Congratulations to you both and I hope you enjoy your little gifts. Thank you everyone for continuing to play along with me and participating in my little giveaways.
"If you think there is no 'one' special person in your life you are's you."
To my Valentine. You know who you are...............
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Happy Valentines day, my lovely friend. Your little teddies are so very sweet.

  2. Happy Valentines day Michelle your teddies as usual are so lovely, the little stitchery heart is a treasure.....hugs

  3. Lovely post Michelle. The teddies are adorable and the crochet jug cover is very special, I can see why its a fav. That little book is very tempting indeed. Have a lovely Valentines Day

  4. Happy Valentines Day , your teddies are so sweet and the stitchery is beautiful. hugs

  5. Love your bears and the crochet cover. Many years ago I did that sort of crochet! The booklet is very tempting and if I don't win it I will be sending for it.Have a happy day

  6. Happy Valentines day. Popped into to see your lovely treasures & they are gorgeous, little expecting to see that my name had been drawn for all those lovely red goodies. :) yay for me. lol. Hugs,

  7. Your little teddies are so cute. Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  8. G'day Michelle. Happy Valentines day to you. I hope you have a great day. The teddies are just gorgeous. Take care. Liz...

  9. oh Michelle what a lovely post and congrats to the girls,great win.xx

  10. a 'love'ly valentines post.... yay for Jeanette and lovely new stitchery patterns .... well done you...

  11. These teddies are so sweet. You have a great collection of teddies that I have seen in previous posts. The jug cover is beautiful. Happy Valentines Day to you.
    The stitchery book looks interesting. If I am ever going to find it again I need to put it in my sidebar with a link to your blog. There are just so many things on my wants list for when I finish my trips later this year. It is difficult to keep track of them.

  12. Happy Valentines Day Michelle.. I love your little teddies and the heart is just gorgeous. I also think the little crochet jug cover is just beautiful, and being from Marina makes it even more special. I just know your new stitchery book is going to be wonderful! I loved your Christmas one ... you are very talented! Cheers xx

  13. Darling little treasures, Michelle! And your new little booklet looks so yummy - congrats to the winners!!!

  14. Happy Valentine's Day. Your teddies are lovely and the stitchery is wonderful.

  15. I love the stitched heart and the teddies are super cute too.

    Hope you had a Valentines day filled with romance and love !


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