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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A nice day out.

Yesterday Mr R. and I drove north to visit my wonderful best friend Ann in her gorgeous new is so beautiful. I am so thrilled for her as it is has been her dream for quite a while.
Ann has settled right in and has been making the most devine cards (some of which she gave me to for a giveaway later) She also showed me 2 beautiful framed Christmas pieces she made and one still under construction...oh so lovely!
We decided seeing as we were up that way we would visit Noosa and Tewantin where we spent our honeymoon and many holidays in our early married life. Boy has it changed. We haven't been there for quite sometime and if I am honest we were a little sad. I had planned to stop and go for a nice walk at Noosa but it was akin to a lunatic assylum and not a car park to be no photos at Neussa! as David Wenham says. We went on to Tewantin and we could see elements that remained the same and so we stopped at the Marina and had some yummy fish and chips while listening to a little group of musicans playing and singing.
We then had a wander around the wharf and looked at all the boats and of course had to have a pic taken.....realised after posting these photos a hair brush and a bit of makeup wouldn't have gone astray. Ah well! At least you get to see the real me in my natural state. No airs and graces here I'm afraid. It was lovely to revisit these memories together and we cannot believe we have been married for 40 years later this year.

It was a lovely day. So good to spend time with my dear friend (it's still too far up the highway!) and I miss her so much but it is wonderful to see people you care about happy.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. what a lovely post Michelle and i love Ann's work she is very clever.xx

  2. What a lovely day indeed. So, we've now seen 'Michelle in the Raw' so to speak! hehe.
    Ann is so talented, such beautiful work.
    I would love to visit Neussa one day. DH was there recently for work and said it was just gorgeous.
    Happy Sunday Michelle. xx

  3. What a perfect way to spend the day Michelle...and Ann is very talented..

  4. A lovely day Michelle. You could have come and said hi!

  5. That's always a lovely part of the world to be in. Looks like you had a great time.

  6. Glad you had the chance to meet up with Ann..oh my her work is just Gorgeous..
    I Love Noosa too!

  7. What a lovely post, good friends and memories as well... perfect day.


  8. Definitely a lovely day! Ann is very talented, her framed picture is beautiful.

  9. DH here steers clear of Noosa to after three tries around the roundabout we end down the road and away from the madding crowd. Meeting up with old friends is --- a talk fest - and oh! so lovely.

  10. What a lovely way to spend the day . I remember you talking about how much you would miss Ann when she moved . Im so glad you had fun.

  11. I am so happy for you to have spent a lovely day with your friend Anne and visiting some places of your past .
    Anne does beautiful work !! hugs

  12. Looks like a beautiful day - I love Ann's work, so lovely! I'm always sad when I re-visit places I knew from years ago, they always change and not for the better. Love the pic of you, you couldn't look bad if you tried, dear girl! You are lovely!~

  13. Looks like great fun and good weather to boot.... Ann's framed pictures are awesome...


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