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Monday, February 13, 2012

Good morning Monday

Good Morning everyone. I have been for my early morning walk and it is a beautiful morning. I had lots of feathery company. The lorikeets were sqaubbling over their breakfast and speeding from tree to tree. They are a delight to see.
There is a beauitful enviromental park near where I walk and the trees are magnificent and never cease to thrill me. it's mornings like this I am very glad I live in Queeensland.
I spent time with both my Grandsons this weekend which was special. I did get some stitching done I lot of which I can't show you yet but I can show you what I have started stitching for my Mum who is turning 80 later in the year. My Mum loves Japenese fabric and in particular "Japenese Ladies" as she calls them. So I wanted to make her a little quilt to curl up under when she is reading which she loves to do. I saw this pattern in a Patchwork & Quilting magazine (sorry don't know the designer as I no longer have the magazine) I had traced and cut out the templates for another day. I thought it would be very portable and would also showcase the fabrics she loves. So I got nearly 5 blocks done but will need a bit more variety in the fabrics. I have really found it relaxing stitching them and I think it will come together really quickly. Sorry I forgot to press them before I took the photo.

I think she will love it. I also have a lovely Japenese panel that I am going to make into a tote bag to pop it in for when I give it to her.
That's it for me I hope you all enjoy the first day of your working week.
P.S. I 'might' just be finishing off another little book of drawings at the moment and if I get a move on I 'might' just be able to show you very soon......note I said "might"!
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Your blocks look lovely Michelle. How can you Mother not love them!

  2. whow Michelle what a great idea,your mum will love this i also love the idea of having a tote to put the quilt in,lovely idea.xx

  3. your morning walk sounded so lovely, love the black around the japanese fabric it will look great....hugs

  4. Nice Blocks the shape really Highlights the Fabric...

  5. Wish I was walking that trail with you, girl, gorgeous! I'm so impressed by your Japanese quilt, that is going to be a stunner for sure! Can't wait to see what you're up to!

  6. Gorgeous fabrics ,you Mom will love them.

  7. How lovely to catch up with all you have been doing. What a beautiful spot for a walk.

  8. What a lovely foresty place. So tranquil. Your Mum will love the quilt and bag. Who wouldn't. Simply lovely.

  9. The lorikeets are lovely. The japanese fabric will make a beautiful lap quilt for your mum, fab idea!

  10. Your Japanese lady blocks are gorgeous Michelle. Im becoming more and more interested in Japanese fabric myself.

    There's something very peaceful about a morning walk, and being in amongst nature when the day is just starting. I should make the effort to enjoy it more often.

  11. G'day Michelle. Aren't those birds just glorious? Your blocks look lovely. I have seen some beautiful Japanese fabric lately, made into lovely items. Take care. Liz...


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