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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How do you know if you are getting old???

I thought I would share a little story with you that may make you chuckle. I had thought that I was growing old quite gracefully and was mostly on top of my game but one just shouldn't Assume Anything ......
The other night after a very busy day I dove into the shower after dinner. I suddenly felt quite disorientated and quite panicked as my eyesight had gone quite blurry. I flung the shower door open in a bit of a panic just as hubby entered the bathroom. "What on earth are you doing?" says he. "I feel really odd and can't see properly" says she. "That's because you are still wearing your damn glasses" says he roaring with laughter as he leaves the bathroom. Oh MY! Why is it when you do something really dumb there is always someone there to witness it. The even funnier thing is a 'mature' friend of mine many years ago told me she had done this exact thing and I had remembered would you possibly forget you had your glasses on? Now I know. Well just had to share couldn't have his "nibs" thinking he had to tell everyone he meets.
I know some of you ladies out there of a 'certain age' will understand completely.
Now when the fog and mist cleared from my glasses I managed to stitch some more of these...
and a lot of these.....

These little fellows and I are becoming very good friends. You will have to wait a while to see what they become.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.
"Learn to laugh at yourself we human beings are very funny people....just ask any dog!"
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. I'll bet a lot of people will know exactly what you are talking about. We all have had our little slips, regardless of age. And will continue to have loads more!! Enjoy the laugh!!! And the bonus is that your glasses had a good clean.
    Your stitching is looking wonderful.

  2. Very funny Michelle and thank you for sharing hahahaha xxx

  3. Thanks for sharing that very funny story, sounds like the kind of thing that happens at my house and always with a witness. Nice gingerbread man....

  4. Hello Michelle
    I will have to admit to wearing the glasses in the shower and like you only realising when they fogged up lol
    Had a little read of some of your posts and enjoyed them - came to you via AussieLiz's blog list.
    Take care

  5. lol,thats is so funny Michelle,i do silly things like that all the time,lol,thankyou for sharing,lol.xx

  6. Thanks for a lovely chuckle Michelle, laughing with you not at you. Growing old is not for sissies,you need to keep your sense of humour, just remember...Growin' old is inevitable...Growin' up is optional! Hugs from R.

  7. I've actually done this too. We really are kindred spirits

  8. Oh Michelle. That is so funny. I suppose I shouldn't laugh as that could be me someday when I wear glasses!

  9. Gosh - how I laughed!! Like you I cant imagine doing that - but I am sure it will happen - then again I do find other silly things to do. (That keep my dauhter amused!)

  10. I Know don't you feel a Dill..I have done the same so don't worry..
    it is Funny Though..LOl
    talk soon

  11. I managed to wash my face with a face washer before realising I was still wearing my glasses. Felt a right twit but glad I'm in such good company!

  12. thank you for a good laugh this morning.... I have done the same thing!!! but I managed to keep it secret from Hubz.....

  13. G'day Michelle. Great post. Made me laugh. I often do things like that and have hubby wondering if I've dropped in from another planet and am in the disguise of a human !!! Take care. Liz...

  14. oh so funny, I'll be giggling all day now, thanks for making me laugh!

  15. You don't have to be of a certain age to leave your glasses on in the shower!
    I have done it quite a few times over the years and even gone to bed with the lights out and not known if I had taken my glasses off or not. A gentle pat of my face and I work it out. It gives me a giggle.
    Lovely oriental blocks. The fussy cutting makes them even lovelier.
    Sweet to see another use for the doily. Very Valentine's day!

  16. Thank you so much for the giggle.. I am going to probably do the same thing before too long, me thinks!!! Have been doing a few "odd" things lately. That's really made my day, though, reading about your little "panic attack"... thank you xxxx

  17. I did the exact same thing last week Michelle ...seriously.

    Im also starting to grasp for the names of objects when talking. It's a worry.

  18. That is such a funny story Michelle, I can imagine your husband having a real good laugh!!

  19. You are not alone on this one, did the same thing a while back and thought "how on earth could I forget" but I did . Thanks for the chuckle I needed that .hugs


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