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Friday, February 17, 2012

Favourite things Friday with Shay.

Friday has arrived with a flourish once again which means it's time to visit SHAY
 to see what wonderful take on the world she has for us this week for 'favourite things Friday'.
Those of you who know me know that I am a huge "Eagles" fan along with my beloved and yes as tragic as it is I do have the T-shirt. This band has been so much a part of our wayward youth and something we passionately share. In fact our kids used to weep and wail in the car as we sang along. They say  they know the songs off by heart but not in a good way. We have never missed going to see them each time they came to town. So as I tried to make my way to Yoga this morning it seemed as if the universe was conspiring against me what with  the rude lady at the post office who pushed in, the new trainee man at the post office, on ramp closures to the freeway, crazy traffic etc. I decided to take a deep breath and slip on my favourite Eagles CD "Long Road out of Eden" and have a little groove as I tried to find a way on to the blasted freeway. Eventually I arrived with minutes to spare and had a beautiful class with the gorgeous Janeen. As I made my way home all blissed out and pondered FTF I thought "The Eagles" (and Yoga) today have to be my favourite. They just get better with each passing year and help me find that hip young thing that still resides within me regardless of how old I am or what I now look like. Music is a powerful thing.
On to some stitching I have been trying to get to a whole heap of different projects done lately and I finally got my "Teaparty Angel" wall hanging together ready to quilt and bind and then into a pattern....Yay! I do like her I think she is really sweet and she had been so patient with me. I have also got nearly 20 Japanese blocks done for my Mums quilt. I am loving the way it is looking. Who knew I would enjoy these fabrics!
Well that's it for me. I hope you have a great weekend doing something you love.
After the lovely 'senior moment' stories you all shared with me after my 'shower experience' I thought this little piece of advice was apt. Thanks I loved them all.
From the wonderful Paul Wilson's little book "Moments Of Pleasure" ......
'Giggling and laughing are known as aerobics for the inside. Find something to laugh about and you'll feel better immediately.'
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. lovely post Michelle,i look forward to seeing more projects in Japenese fabrics,lol.xx

  2. My insides must be amazing, all that aerobic exercise.
    your angel project looks lovely. Can't wait to see your oriental fabric project.

  3. Your angel project looks just adorable and I do like your oriental project as well, you have been super busy !

  4. I hope you sing loudly down the free way too....

  5. Music is an amazing mood alterer. (Not sure that's a word !) I find the same with 80's music. I love it (yes Im tragic ) And there's nothing wrong with singing loudly down the freeway. Miss P learned every Madonna song ever written that way when she was small.

    I really must practice some meditation since I cant rock the yoga Im getting so much better as I age at blocking minor annoyances but I still need some help!


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