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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Today I would like to share my little collection of milk jug covers. The 3 in the front were crocheted and beaded by my Grandmother and the 2 at the back by my friend Ann's mum June.  One has a little teacup and saucer crocheted on the top.I love them all. I have had tea with my Nanna on her beautiful front veranda when these covers have been in use. I think of these wonderful moments when I look at them.
The lovely pink 'Royal Winton' jug belonged to my Husbands Grandparents and was given to me by my Father-in-law as 'nobody really liked it and they used it everyday for breakfast anyway so I don't think it's worth much. But if you like it you can have it.' Well like it I did and I had never heard of 'Royal Winton' back then. It just that (a) it was a lovely pink (b) it was old china (c) they used it everday. It still makes me smile. I saw one at an Antique Shop in Victoria recently and when I looked at the price tag I scared myself.
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  1. Ohh Michelle these are just soo pretty and dainty,love them.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    The Royal Winton pitcher is just beautiful!

    What a treasure.

    I never knew these were covers.

    Thanks for the info.



  3. A beautiful jug and covers Michelle, what a gracious era it was when they were in daily use, so much nicer than a plastic milk container on the table. Cheers R.

  4. It is so nice to see the milk jug covers.... and they are so pretty.... the jug is lovely too.... do you use it too??

  5. Hello Michelle.

    I am a lover of milk jug covers as well. Love that your jug has been well used and loved. Yes the prices of somethings scare me.I wonder what the original owners of these old things would think of there everday jug.
    Happy days.

  6. They are so beautiful. You are so lucky to have them handed down,I've got a couple that I bought but it is not the same. And what a beautiful jug. Thanks so much for sharing your treasures today.

  7. OMG Michelle... I'm in love with that jug. It's just beautiful. I'm glad you have it now. Your milk jug covers are just beautiful. I have a few that I love too, but I don't know who the makers of them are. That makes yours very special.

  8. Such pretty milk covers, in fabulous condition too! Very pretty!

  9. What a beautiful collection with special memories of the past.

  10. I love milk jug covers, and anything old.... Yours are beautiful Michelle, so many memories, and that beautiful jug just sets them all off...

  11. I am showing my age here, but I have never heard of milk hug covers!

    The do look gorgoeus though

  12. Never heard of milk jug covers! I would have called them doilies. Whatever, they are lovely. And the little pitcher is so charming!


  13. Aren't they just gorgeous! I love them. I've picked up some vintage ones, too. Maybe I'll share them next week. *grin* I always seem lost for ideas for TT, but I guess I don't look around well enough at all my "things".

  14. The jug is simply beautiful, how nice you now have it to enjoy ,I love the style of it and the color as well and the little doilies are so pretty :-)

  15. They are so lovely Michelle, I have a couple that belonged to my Mum and of course the jug is just beaut too.



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