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Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Sewing Here

Well no sewing done here today so far but I have finally tidied up my sewing room! Now you should have seen it.....I had stuff hang out of cupboards,  fabric all over every available surface, patterns in various stages of completion and packaging and I really didn't know which end was up. I had to take a photo as I know it won't last long and to show me what it can look like. My house is an old seventies style home and is slowly getting some updating but my sewing room (once DD's bedroom) gets passed over as I just can't stand the thought of moving it all out and finding somewhere for it all while something gets done. We did begin removing the wallpaper but I found I was losing the will to live we stopped and conseqently you will see bits missing from the walls in places and.....Soooo! Nothing gets done.....except lots of sewing and I guess that's what's most important to me. I do however get the green eyed meanies sometimes when I see some of your beautiful sewing spaces until friends remind me that at least I have a space of my own and that I'm lucky....which is true. Anyway enough of all this armchair philosophing and God Bless all you people with wondeful sewing rooms I don't begrudge you really (alright maybe just a teensy weensy bit).
Well I'm off to make a pizza for hubby and I for dinner and then I'm going back to quilting my new Chrissy design in my Jim Jams and fuzzy socks.
Happy Stitching and don't forget to make yourself smile!!


  1. What a very neat and organised space. I guess small is better than having to use the dining room table like I used to. We had lots of wall paper when we bought our house and we tried to scrape it off. When we finally renovated we just put up new gyprock in some rooms! Hope you got lots done on your quilting.

  2. your sewing room looks great Michelle lots of room and very tidy

  3. Haha.... it's wonderful looking at other peoples sewing space.... I always want to go and play and have a look see.... my space is organised chaos..... yummy pizza.... we had toasties and now I am off to stitch too...

  4. Your sewing space looks great , very organized and I like the fact you have such a large container for rickrack , love that stuff!I also love the little wall hanging with the red work , just sweet . Enjoy your sewing time !

  5. Hello Michelle,

    Oh I am going to sneek in while you are making the pizza and hi-jack that beautiful cupboard. Did you do the painting on it? Yes I noticed the ric-rac too.
    Happy days.
    I am wearing fuzzy St Kilda football coloured socks,enjoy your stitching.

  6. Ahhh yes....the renovating process...we have a 50/60's style home. Whilst renovating our bedroom last winter we moved into my tiny sewing room...honestly it was like sleeping in a caravan!! (for about 8 weeks!!) I was so pleased to have it back. I luv to see everyones sewing spaces and I think yours is lovely...the teddy bear cupboard is beautiful!

  7. your sewing room looks a lot neater than my dining room table! I have fabric wadding off cuts and lots of projects in all corners of the dining room. I did say when my first child moved out that I'd get the study back but DD2 has commandeered it as guess what..... a study. Ah well. Love the cupboard

  8. There's something relaxing about sewing in your PJ's ... love it! But it doesn't happen often enough.

  9. To be that organised!I wish, and I love the drawers with the teddies on it!
    Happy stitching, Michelle.

  10. Good job! If only that nocturnal-tidy-up-fairy would visit us once our rooms are cleaned up. Ho-hum. There just aren't enough hours in the day to create, sew and tidy.

  11. I can't wait to get my house back. We have had the kids living with us while they built their house and today we are getting the floors polished. Everything is everywhere! Should send you a photo, that would cheer you up!!! xx

  12. I just now have a room for sewing so I understand how you feel. I do have a space now though and have been wanting to blog about it for months. I just was collecting something first. I finally am going to blog about it this week. No getting jealous though!

  13. Your sewing room looks great. I need to do the same thing one day.


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