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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

The lovely sunshine this morning is making me feel vey self indulgent so bare with me. My treasure today is my love of Fairy stories and such as a child. I had a book called 'Pegs Fairy Stories' and somehow in the business of growing up it has become lost and I think I have been trying to make up for it ever since. So.... today I am sharing a real favourite Cicely Mary Barkers "The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies" given to me by my dear friend Helen last Christmas. It has all her beautiful poems and artwork... a real treasure! I also love David Ellwand's "Fairie-ality Style which is an amazing resource book full of beautiful photographic art featuring fairie related objects and clothing made from nature...truly inspirational. I also have "Lady Cottington's Fairy Album" which is a replica of her journal and is very weird and naughty and hard to describe here but the age of it and the journal entries I find fascinating and lastly I have a tiny little book called 'Mouse fairies' which has little envelopes through out that have real invitations to a special ball at the end of the book... It's so wee and so cute. Lastly I am being very indulgent and including a little poem I've penned called "Silent Songs"

"Silent Songs"

Amongst the bush ferns with tight curled fronds,

Dance wee faerie folk, to tunes of which they are fond.

I can't hear the the music though I strain my ear,

The dancing butterflies let me know they are near....

They seem to enjoy the music so much, flitting and fluttering.

As they dance on the flowers with a soft gentle touch.

Maybe the tune is the wind through the trees or

Maybe it's birdsong carried on the early morning breeze.

Do I imagine I hear it ? Maybe not.

Maybe it's my hearts song and I just forgot.

I aplogise for the state of this post but I am having trouble posting with blogger this morning.

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  1. Fairies are special, lovely books Michelle, Rgds Kaylee

  2. What a beautiful poem Michelle. Your books look beautiful and so sad that you misplaced a favourite one. Maybe one day it will find it's way back to you

  3. Oh Michelle I could not believe my eyes when I read your post today, only yesterday I was looking at a couple of post cards I have of the"Heliotrope Fairy" and the "Lavender Fairy", this came about because a friend had lent me a DVD called "Fairy Tale A True Story". I wonder if you have seen it. I have always loved Cicely Mary Barker and Peg Maltby books. When my eldest Granddaughter (now Eighteen) was small, I asked D.I.L what she needed for her Birthday, new pyjamas was the answer, I gave her "The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies"instead.( She got the PJs too). I loved your Poem also. Cheers R.

  4. I love fairies too. I really did see them when I was a child. They lived in the geraniums which grew along the front wall of our house. I love your poem. I had so much trouble with Blogger last night and this morning too. I ended up posting though Picassa. Hopefully they will fix it up soon.

  5. So lovely.... I have an old copy of Flower Faeries... from my Grandma's house.... I have put it somewhere so safe I can't find it.... am relieved to hear others have had trouble with Blogger...and it wasn't just me being an idiot!!

  6. I love your Fairy post. Beautiful books and a lovely poem, too. Thanks for sharing them with us. :)

  7. I love the little envelopes with invitations to the ball. I am not a big fairy fan but your poem was lovely for a sunny day.

  8. How lovely Michelle and what a beautiful book

  9. Beautiful Michelle,
    I really enjoyed your poem..Blogger can be a real pill sometimes!!

  10. I love fairies too and even have a special plant fairie ;-)The poem is just so sweet , you are a talented lady!


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