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Friday, May 20, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

Is it still Friday? I am very late I know. My favourite thing for me this Friday was being able to give a Reiki session to my dear young friend Megan who has given me countless fantastic massages over the years.It was great to give back. It was tinged with a tiny bit of sadness as we were also catching up to say farewell. Megan is moving to the Northern Territory for work. She works with troubled youth and is a wonderful young woman wise beyond her years (I've received several bits of good advice over the years)Her dedication, compassion and kindness are without bounds and I know she will make a huge difference to the people whose lives she touches.
I'm really going to miss you Megs!! ( yes Megan is tall and I'm not really shrinking)
Blessings in all you do,
Namaste Michelle xxx


  1. How lovely to have such a wonderful friend. At least the internet makes it so much easier to keep in touch. Megan will need a blog.

  2. I know you will miss your friend...that's gona be hard doing with out the Trish

  3. Lovely FTF I am sure you will keep in touch

  4. Lovely post Michelle. What a special person Megan is ... that's one tough job she has! All the best to her.

  5. All the best to your dear friend Megan, she has chosen a very difficult path to follow but one so worthwhile ,I truly congratulate her and hope that she knows how valuable her work is . Bless you both.

  6. What a sweet post! How lovely that you were able to give your friend a special send-off like that.

  7. so sad that you'll be separated, but hopefully you can visit!

    She has a very trying job, but it is needed, I'm sure.

    Best wishes to you and to her!

  8. I think one of the best things about good friends is that it doesnt matter how far away they are , that feeling of being connected/involved in each other's lives is always still there.

    I didnt know you practice Reiki. You're a woman of many talents Michelle!

    Thanks for popping by FTF this week.

    (Love the photo of you both )

  9. Good friends are the best and what, exactly is Reiki?

  10. So sorry your good friend is moving. She will always be in your heart though. I am sure you two will find time to get together. It sounds like she will be making an important difference in the world.

    I have a friend in Miami, Florida who practices Reiki. I would give her a massage and she would give me a Reiki session. We enjoyed sharing our gifts with each other.

  11. It is wonderful to have close friends, sorry to hear that she is moving away. I'm sure you will both keep in touch. At least you were able to give Megan a wonderful parting gift.


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