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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

My Tuesday Treasure is actually from yesterday - ANZAC DAY. We went for a drive out to Wynum at the bay for a stroll and some fish and chips for lunch. It was a bit cloudy but that didn't seem to deter all the people who were enjoying their day there. As we strolled along the foreshore we were joined by other couples of all ages, kids delighting in the freedom to ride their bikes, folks walking along with very excited furry 4 leggged children, Dads and kids fishing from the jetty, other kids swimming in the seawater pool and splashing and having the time of their lives. Under the shady trees were families having picnics, Grandads reading the paper in their favourite picnic chair. Games of serious family footy were also taking place. There were people everywhere and all the sounds were joyous and it bought to my mind that all those young diggers came from families just like these who treasured the wonderful freedom living in Australia gives you.
All these people enjoying simple pleasures with friends and loved ones. So I am treasuring my life today as an Australian. Free to enjoy these simple days and not have had to send my beloved son off to a faraway land to fight as so many Mothers had to do and some still have to today. So Bless each and everyone of our Diggers and the sacrifices they have made so we may enjoy this FREEDOM so precious to us all.


Our fish and chips were delicious and we were surrounded by a noisy gaggle of seagulls as Hubby made the mistake of throwing one a chip. As I prepared to share some of my chips with this greedy horde a gull floated up beside me, hovered there and oh so gently removed the chip from my fingers. Didn't snatch! Just did it oh so politely. I offered another one and it did the same (photos to prove it).
See it just goes to show even in the midst of a rude rabble you can still be the one who exhibits good manners. LOL! (and come away with the chip).
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  1. Interesting post Michelle, freedom is a wonderful thing to have and enjoy and as a Canadian we also have those same freedoms and I am proud to be a Canadian and admire those who have fought for our freedom and yours .
    Neat that the gull took the chip so gently .

  2. I am glad we have a democracy here. Might be a bit of a rabble sometimes but at least you can say what you think and have some choices. Love the sea gulls.

  3. Hi Michelle, love the posting and these were my thoughts yesterday also and quite often when watching the news. I have two boys and the thought of sending them off to war is a nightmare for any mother! I appreciate the freedom that I have!!!
    Happy ANZAC Day, Michelle.

  4. Hello Michelle,

    A beautiful post. Glad you enjoyed your fish and chips with your new found friend. It only takes one chip and they seem to fly in like a swarm of bees.
    Happy days.

  5. You have to give them credit for they're patience...the ones on the ground quietly watching the other two after the chip....I'm quite surprised by they're behavior I would have thought they would have attacked for the food. Love your photo of the birds and the water. I'm going to set it as my background on my desk top for a while it has a calming affect. Promise I won't use it for any thing else. I'll delete it when I find another one that I really like.

  6. What a wonderful post and a fabulous treasure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, they are wonderful. Happy ANZAC Day to you and your family.

  7. Great post. :) We really do have a lifestyle to treasure here in Australia. Anzac day certainly reminds us of that.

  8. One of our family memories (when the kids were little)is fish and chips on the beach feeding the gulls! Ohhhh how nice! :)

  9. ANZAC is special... always makes me quite emotional...
    Seagulls make me laugh 'mine, mine, mine'

  10. What a fabulous post and so true. I often reflect upon how lucky we are to live here.


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