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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Creative Mess!

Why can't my sewing room ever stay tidy! I see photos of all these lovely modern sewing rooms with a place for everything and neat shelves and stacks of fabric and think I bet I would still make a big mess even in that lovely space. At the moment I have half sewn bits and pieces everywhere. On Saturday I had a lovely lady visit me to buy some patterns and she was very kind with her praise of my work. I thought afterwards if  only you could see the messy little cave in which I create. My trouble is when I'm in the midst designing or making something and it's usually more than one at a time I have everything out all over the place and then it's on to the next project and the pile gets bigger and BIGGER. At the moment it's even spread to the dining room.
Oh the Shame of it all!! Is there anyone else out there who is a big MESSER???? That creates in a disused cave like me or am I all on my "pat malone"???


  1. Michelle , you are not alone , I think it is part of being creative , you should see my sewing space when I am trying to make something ,not a pretty sight ;-)Fun though isn't it!

  2. Oh I am, I am.... we should form a support group..... I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with my mess.... but of course I still need to start projects... traced out my special Sewing Notions picture today...

  3. Oh yes Michelle. My sewing room is a total mess right now. I agree we should start a support group. I have several things going on at once.

  4. My dining room table can't be used as it has so much sewing stuff on it and I have about 8 projects on the go. You are not alone! Congrats on the front cover too and your treasures are beautiful

  5. Yep, mine is the same... that's the good thing with having a dedicated sewing room/area, you don't have to clean up just close that door!!!

  6. In my mind Michelle creative & tidy seldom go together except when a photo is being taken of your creative space or it is brand new. My sewing room is so full of 'must haves', random artifacts & recyclables too good to throw away that I now have my cutting table in the laundry & my sewing table in the formal dining room. Then I hand sew in the lounge, still do some cutting out on the kitchen bench & sandwich on the family room floor. My whole house is involved! As long as it works & makes you happy! Tracee xx

  7. I totally agree that being creative causes mess. I do find that after a flurry of activity I have to stop and tidy again. Gather up all the bits and pieces and at least sort them and stack them so that the things I have started come together without mistakes. The brain is then freed up for further creativity instead of wondering "where is my needle book?" or "where are the shapes I know I cut out yesterday?".

  8. Hello Michelle,

    If I tidy up to much I can't find things.I am working on the theory that if I finish things the room will slowly get tidier. When is the first support group meeting?
    happy days.

  9. My sewing room is wall to wall chaos. It's also the ironing room and the office, so you can imagine how much time I spend looking for a pillow slip or an overdue bill ... Haha ... Just visited my SIL who has a craft room and it's so organized I nearly puked!


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