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Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Version of Tiffs and Teresa's ABC's

Age: 58 OUch!!Bed Size: Double we're only littleChore you Hate:Housework rather be stitchingDog: none at the moment as we lost our beautiful old black staffie DOC 18 mths ago and we are still sad.Essential start to the day: coffee and a quiet sit on my front verandahFavourite colour: I love the vintage colours green, burgundy,pink, red, rusty oranges and browns once in a while something brightGold or silver: as I was a gypsy in a previous life I love it all! Height 5'2" told you I was only littleInstruments I play: none but I love to hear the saxaphone and piano blues.Job title: wife, mother,grandmother,daughter,sister,aunty,friend and craft designerKids: 1lovely daughter, 1 lovely son, 1 lovley son-in-law, 1 lovely daughter-in-law, 2 gorgeous grandsonsLive Brisbane AustraliaMothers name: Margaret Ann which I think is very pretty.Nicknames: my family call me Shell all except my husband who only ever calls me MichelleOvernight stay in hospital: 2 children, 1 appendix, 12 calcium stones from my salivary gland.Pet Peeve: cruelty in all it's forms especially to children and animals, considering what you have, where you went to school or where you live makes you more important than others, the neglect and abuse of the planet upon which we liveQuote from a movie: "frankly my dear! I don't give a damn"Right or left handed: rightSiblings: 1 brother, 1 sisterTime I wake up: depends on how much stitching I did the night beforeUnderwear: not tellingVeggie I dislike: only brussels sprouts I hate the after taste ERK!What makes you late: my husband, my husband and my husband!!!XRAYS I've had: dental, ankle, face and jaw (stones)Yummy food you make: this was hard as I didn't get the cooking gene but I do make a nice pineapple fruit cakeZoo animal I like: I don't like to see any animals behind bars so to speak but I know without the dedicated work of some of our zoos and their endangered species programs we would be in a whole lot of trouble.I have a soft spot for elephants and pandas.
Phew! Thats me done. Thanks to Teresa for her post and if you want to know more about it go to TIFFS blog at


  1. Loved you post Michelle. I like the sound of that pineapple fruit cake. I love the give away things you sent me and thank you for the little extras. Surprise ! Surprise! We are practically neighbours :)

  2. Oh man... why did you have to say brussel sprouts? they make shivers down my back!!

  3. Loved your post Michelle! It's all a bit of fun and makes you stop and think!So far the only person I know who likes brussel sprouts is Joy!!! Have a great day xx


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