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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Colourful, Floral & Favourite Thing Friday Trifecta.

I have everything tumbled in together today. For my hexagons for Colourful Friday I have found my half finished Grandmothers Flower garden quilt (shame on me), a beautiful card featuring the same. The design is by Rebecca Barker and a dear friend gave  it to me, a stationery card set with hexies and bees on them  that the same friend bought back from USA (I love this set), my hexie templates, a jar of tiger balm and a table centre I made with hexies. Visit Robyn at for more.
My Favourite thing and Floral thing this Friday is a beautiful little gift shop that I stopped at on my way to my Mums at Tinana just on the outskirts of Maryborough called "Emmaleys" where you can by coffee,vintage china and other bits and pieces plus a beautiful range of gifts. It is such a sweet shop and smells devine.
Whilst I was there this beautiful "Floral" tag fell into my hands. Anyone who knows me knows I love tags(even named my designs after 'em) so I couldn't resist and then I just had to have the delicate little porcelain roses. Bought some for my Mum too. Then they put all my goodies (didn't show all the goodies) in this gorgeous bag. It was very yummy! For more Favourite things visit Shay at and be sure to pop over to Bronwyns for some Floral delights at


  1. Hi Michelle, The cupcake hexies are so sweet (Ahem, sorry for the pun) And I just love patchwork themed stationery and grab it whenever I see any which isn't very often. The porcelain roses are delightful as is the tag. What a lovely collection for your trifecta today!

  2. All your goodies are so pretty. I just love the cards as well.

  3. Hello Michelle,

    A lovely post, the shop you visited sounds divine.
    Happy days.

  4. Beautiful collection & that shop sounds very tempting! Tracee xx

  5. Lots of pretties to look at... I love the little cupcakes and your flower garden quilt will get done one day won't it???

  6. All those pretty hexies ,wonderful display . I have those same little cards with the hexies on them a dear friend gave them to me and I love them .Oh those porcelain roses are gorgeous I bet your Mom loved them too!hugs Sheila


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