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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

Thank you for inviting my little fur friends to our first picnic. I have chosen a little panda and friend called Pandy and Pal which was designed and made by Di Lawrence. Pandy is handyed mohair and his paws are leather. He stands about 9 inches on his tippy paws. I found him on a holiday to Victoria at a patchwork shop in Mt Waverley that I took with my friend Ann. I am very fond of Pandas so he and his pal went straight to my heart and the fur hood was the clincher. I have made a few bears but I prefer to draw and stitch them. I have several lovely bears in my clutch. Some are artist bears and some have been made for me by my friend Ann who has been known to make a few very cute bears  in her time.
I love that there are still so many bear lovers out there.
To join the teddies on their picnic visit Melodys Thursdays Teddy bears picnic at


  1. Hi Michelle, it is so lovely to have you join the picnic and your little panda and his teddy are so adorable.

  2. These are lovely bears, Michelle. Gorgeous colour on Pandy and I agree that his hood is cute too. Love his little Pal as well.
    Let's enjoy the sunshine at the picnic today.

  3. Glad your bears came out to picnic today. They sure are handsome. Gorgeous colour on Pandy.

  4. Lovely bears , you are lucky to own such adorable bears .Thanks for sharing .


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