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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's amazing what a cleanup can reveal!

I have been looking for some fabric to complete my Tea and Cakes bear stitchery quilt and haven't been very successful. On Saturday I decided to tidy my very messy little cave where I design and stitch having received a scowl and Humph!! from the nice man I live with. Well would you believe tucked away ON THE END OF MY SEWING TABLE I might add (and it's not that big) was a lovely brown paper carry bag and within were several lovely pieces of fabric I had especially chosen for this project on our holiday through NSW and VIC last year. I bought them at Homepatch in Bathurst a very yummy shop. Talk about losing the plot. I had completely forgotten I had bought it until I saw it. I will be keeping this piece of information to myself in this house. What happens with ones fabric stash is ones own business!!!
Anyway I am off to put some patterns together for the post and then I am basting my new Christmas design quilt together so I can start quilting it. I'll post a peek when it's got some quilting on it.

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