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Saturday, February 12, 2011


"People are a lot like teacups" by Michelle Ridgway
I think people are a lot like teacups:
Some are pretty to look at but one sip and you're done.
Some look delicate and fragile but hold a strong hot brew when you need it.
Some are large and grand with a royal pedigree but the tea goes cold too soon.
Some are plain and sweet but feel so comfortable in your hand.
Some are chunky and handmade but give great warmth and comfort.
My favourite is a simple cup, adorned with a beautiful rose and a strong and delicate handle
that curls around my finger just right.
It was purchased long ago by a lovely Grandfather. A prizewinning rose gardener to boot.
I love to see the strong sweet tea recede with each delicious sip, and there
a lovely rosebud reveals itself on the inside of the cup.


  1. Wonderful taste Michelle. I have a similar tea cup (well more than one) I just love who ever came up with the idea of putting a pretty flower on the inside. I dont use mine but love them all the same.

  2. Thanks Rebecca. I too have many. I'm afraid it's a weakness, old china can always find a home with me doesn't even need to match but tea cups I'm not rational. Nice to know there are other irrational people out there. It's lovely to hear from you, Have you had a busy start to the year?

  3. I share your love of beautiful old china trios but also jugs. No matter how old or rare if it isn't damaged I use all the pieces. I have so many, most purchased on ebay. We moved recently and I don't have anywhere to display my lovely old china as yet. It is so frustrating to have it all just sitting in boxes and not be able to display it or use it. You're right about the weakness - or is that addiction?

  4. You are right Bronwyn. Addiction is the word. I love to muse over who used the tea cups, were they alone or did they have a cuppa with a friend. What did they talk about? Did they have a laugh as I do with my friends? Was it tea and sympathy or just a drop in cuppa? There is so much more to the humble tea cup. The one the photo is of belongs to a set I have that was purchased by my husbands Grandad. He saw it in the shop window and put in on layby as he couldn't afford it at the time. He loved it because he grew roses and each trio has a different rose on it. I was so touched when my father in law gave it to me after his passing and so these teacups are extra special.You will have to have a little teaparty when you finally get to unpack your china. Also the photos of your roses are magnificent on your blog. I have a brown thumb except for the ones I draw and stitch and roses are a bit of a trial in Queenslands humidty.


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