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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Does anyone hand quilt anymore??

I have been a bit under the weather the last few days and haven't felt like doing too much so I have turned the air on as it's been very humid and yuk! and I have spent the time handquilting. I love handquilting. I find it so relaxing, meditative almost. I wonder sometimes am I the only one out in quilting world who still enjoys quilting projects by hand. Am I just a dinosaur who resists change? I know we lead extraordinarily busy lives today but I love that I can look forward to that quiet time spent hand quilting and hand stitching as quilters in the past have done. I get really excited when I see hand applique, embroidery, stitcheries and hand quilting. I know we would all be lost without our trusty sewing machines. Me included. But I hope we continue this legacy and don't lose the pursuits of the gentle arts.


  1. I love the way hand quilting looks but I have never had the patience.

  2. I absolutely love to hand quilt , I go to a church every Tuesday morning to quilt with seven other women , we have two quilts on old frames at all times and the time spent is one of my favorite times of the week . I will never give up the hand work even though I too love my machine .


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