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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 5th

Good morning. I have awoken to sunshine 2 mornings in a row which is a very nice change.
I have had to make a difficult decision this morning. whether to continue on our radical decluttering due to those pesky little creatures known as termites (sorting out my tiny overstuffed little craft room was next) or going for a coffee and a browse around Borders book shop with my Husband. I have chosen the latter as we are so over the mess we have been in.
The creatures have been anhilated which really challenges my "do no harm" ideals but I quite like having a roof over my head. Nothing can be put back until after the barrier treatment in 10days time.
Thank goodness for stitching!! I was suppose to be having a break but I have been drawing and stitching like mad again to take my mind off the domestic front. The good news is I have put the last stitches in my new Christmas quilt "Christmas Bakeshop" which features one of my favourite things GINGERBREADS!!. It's already for quilting when it's not so sticky. My friend Ann has had a preview and she thinks it's very cute and I can usually trust her discerning good taste.
Well I am off for my coffee and wander and then I might park myself in my favourite chair and continue on with my Valentine's Day swap for Cookies and Cream craft.
Blessings Michelle

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