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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Did I tell you I like to scribble in a book

What it means to Quilt
by Michelle Ridgway.
As I sit and quilt I feel "peace at last"
Each tiny stitch a link with the past
I feel honoured to have a place in this group
Of stitchers and quilters at home with their hoop
I don't feel the rush to get this "thing done"
As every quilt is a journey from the moment it's begun
When I paint pictures with needle and thread
Troublesome thoughts disappear from my head
I love the feel of the stitched hills and valleys
I could quilt for hours and not keep tally
The presence of quilters from long, long ago
They keep me company this I know
Checking my stitches for length and so
I feel a sacred mission to pass on this legacy
To honour the "Needlewomen" who came before me.

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