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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Rainy Days

 Well we have gone from blue skies creating a delightful backdrop for my gorgeous Frangapani....

To wet, wet and wet!
I have focused my sewing attention on Letter to My Daughter blocks. I have made all the tiny hexie flower rosettes and am working away at the little stitcheries during hospital treatment appointments. They really are such cute little stitcheries. 

I have also stitched another applique block....this block was the one that drew me to the quilt for my DD. Her name means "Honeybee" and loves this motif on all kinds of it seemed perfect.  Pardon the pun....but such a sweet block!
Today I had some time at my machine.....
And now the first piece is assembled......the little stitcheries and hexie flowers need to be added to the top row of squares. 
Not being a fan of machine sewing I am going to habe to be very strict with myself with assembly! Lol!
Tags are getting quite close to the end. I thought I would share just how full my binder ring is at this point in time.

Tag 47 - a spotty dotty appliqued birdy.
Tag 48 - Sheaf Stitch.....a stitch I had seen in books but never executed.....enjoyed it!
Well lovely it's the maids day off I guess its up to me to make dinner AGAIN lol! So I best get to it!
Thinking of all my country friends caught up in rain deluge and flooding.....stay safe!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Such a sweet quilt, Michelle! Love the frangipani.....sadly they don't grow here, although I had one in the Big Smoke. Stay high and dry up there, we are managing to so far.

  2. Love seeing all your beautiful work. It is amazing. Keep it up. xo

  3. Your Letter to my Daughter project is coming together beautifully… love the bee 🐝 hive block…
    Such pretty frangapani ….
    Keep safe 🤗

  4. Your frangipani is so pretty. It's the same color as the one I had at my previous home. Your hand-stitching is beautiful!

  5. Oh Grandma, what a lot of tags you have!
    Love the pretty quilt you are making for your daughter, you are so talented.

  6. The frangipani is gorgeous against the backdrop of the blue, blue sky! It must smell divine! Love the sweet little bee stitchery for your daughter's lovely. Gorgeous hexies, too.

  7. Just beautiful Michelle - you have such an assortment of gorgeous tags. Your quilt is looking beautiful ... as is that frangipani flower. xx

  8. Your quilt is coming along beautifully Michelle. xx

  9. All those wonderful tags, so pretty! xx

  10. LTMD is looking fantastic... good idea to work on getting a block all together then it's less daunting that waiting to the end.... my frangipani hasn't even got buds on yet... you are so advanced!!! love all your tags..... they look so good all together...

  11. I could spend hours drooling over the tags on the ring. Gorgeous work going into LTMD quilt.

  12. Your stitchery is amazing, it warms my heart going through the photos on your post. When God was passing out the creative gene you must have ran around and got in line twice :)

  13. Your Frangipani look magnificent in the sunshine Michelle. All the plants are loving the rain and putting on a show. The collection of tags is becoming a wonderful work of art, something to be handed down. And the quilt is just darling, a pretty design and sweet fabrics and embroideries. Can't wait to see the end result. xx

  14. Such a pretty frangipani, I wish we could grow them here. The stitcheries are beautiful, love the bees, that is going to be one beautiful quilt! Your tags are stunning Michelle.

  15. Amazing frangipani,
    your choice of Tilda for your daughters quilt was perfect, love those gorgeous hexie flowers and the bee hive block is definitely a draw card.

  16. Beautiful projects especially your quilt.

  17. I think the weather has been crazy all over the place. Good to have lots of sewing when you have to be inside.
    Lovely to see all the sweet little stitcheries coming to life and the hexie flowers are lovely.
    The bee bloc is gorgeous.
    And the blocks are looking great together, so you must like some machine sewing?
    The tag collection is amazing.

  18. So much loveliness Michelle. Your tags are amazing - well done on keeping up all year - such a fun, creative project. I love the Honeybee block - the Tilda fabrics were a great choice.

  19. Love seeing all your wonderful progress with different projects. Lovely stitchings.

  20. Michelle gracias!! Disfrute de tu deliciosa entrada, todo es tan bello, tus nietos bellisimos

  21. frangipanis are looking amazing.......
    goodluck assembling Letter to my's looking lovely so far


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