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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

A New Project

 Hello friends, I have had my eye on the Homespun BOM by Natalie Bird.....A Letter to My Daughter quilt. I have been collecting the issues and putting them by until I decided on fabric choices and also how to substitute a couple of the blocks to better reflect my DD.

The brighter Tilda ranges seemed right so a gathering I went....quite a lot brighter than I usually work in but nice and happy colours. 

My DD is NOT a camper but still likes adventure so I omitted the caravan from Block 2.
Definitely NO sewing in her world either! However, she is a wonderful photographer. I found this free Camera pattern on Pinterest for Block 1.....I kind of think its very cute.
All the other blocks will be ok the way they Block 3 was as per the pattern.
I am really loving all the lovely sayings in this quilt. I have lots of little stitcheries on the go now for this as well.
Since I last posted I have added to my little hearts. 
And another block for my Where We Love Is Home.....Wash Day!
Tags are up to date and almost at an end....
TAG 44 - Cross stitches
TAG 45 - Fireworks
TAG 46 - Wrapped......I couldn't decide whether to go with something from Nature or utilise a beautiful thread holder I received from a dear I went with both....just because I could! 
So that's what I have been up to of late.....this week I am trying my hand at making a few Christmas cards....I shall show you my efforts later.
My Daughter showed me this photo of my 2 Grandsons when they were little.....they are cousins and became best mates almost from Day 1! I adore this photo of them xx
And they still have fun when they are together today......
These two make my heart happy.....such great young guys.....BIASED of course!
Take care everyone.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. I love your new project, so bright and pretty! It is going to be an heirloom for your daughter! xx

  2. The blocks for your new project are looking lovely and always a nice touch to personalise some of the blocks to suit the recipient - lucky lady! I am enjoying your tags, it has been a great project to follow along as well as seeing lots of others on Instagram.
    Its lovely that the boys get on so well - my brothers granchildren are great friends too although being on opposite sides of the world means they rarely meet. My brother and I have no cousins - it would have been fun. xx

  3. Pretty fabric range for LFMD quilt…Both blocks you changed look lovely and will go beautifully with the others…
    Nice hearts and tags…
    Great photos of your dear GSs….

  4. Your daughter's quilt is going to be beautiful! I love those Tilda fabrics; I have a few of these in my stash. How wonderful the two cousins hit it off from the very beginning. I love that they are such good friends. More lovely tags from you.

  5. What a sweet quilt, Michelle - your fabric choices are perfect! Love the tags too. looks like those two cousins will have each other's backs for a long time to come.

  6. That's a wonderful new project, Michelle. Does your daughter know about it or will it be a wonderful surprise?

  7. That quilt will be very special with the personalised blocks.

  8. I think we are allowed to be biased when it comes to our grandchildren Michelle. Such precious photos of them both. I briefly saw your wrapped tag on Instagram but I havent been on there much so havent commented but I adore all your tags. That quilt for your daughter is going to be so special & Tilda fabrics too ... of course I am biased there 💕😊 xx

  9. Beautiful and special quilt for your daughter Michelle. Your tags and hearts are wonderful too. I think all grandparents are allowed to be biased and I am sure they are great boys. Lovely photos of them.

  10. You found some nice substitution blocks for your daughter's quilt. Love your heart blocks as well.

  11. Love your new project in beautiful Tilda fabrics... will be perfect for Mel and your other things are all looking just gorgeous. It's so fun looking back at pictures of the kids...

  12. And you have every right to be biased...
    Love the Tilda fabric choice and your tags have amazed me all the way through...
    Take care... xox

  13. Great fabric choices for the BOM and the first three blocks are looking wonderful. Smart idea to substitute designs that are more suited to your own daughter.
    Great to see other projects continuing as well. I especially like the fireworks tag. Very different.
    Have fun with your cards. I need to get a move on there as well.

  14. Good to see your LTMD blocks - its a great quilt to personalise too. A bit of that dreaded machine piecing ahead of you!
    It will be a shame to see the tags come to an end - I like looking at the ones people are making.

  15. Beautiful blocks. Grandsons are awesome! I am not biased at all lol.

  16. Your version of Natalie’s quilt will be perfect for your daughter.

  17. Beautiful blocks for your daughters quilt and love your new hearts.
    such pretty tags and where you live blocks.
    what special boys x

  18. I was also very tempted by the BOM, but then something else came along, as it very often does in my case. I admire your substitutions, I think I would have struggled with that. xx


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