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Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Before I begin I just wanted to say that I have had a few comments from lovely folk who have come up as "no-reply blogger " so if I haven't responded directly to you that will be the reason. When this happens I pop back and reply under your comment on my post x
Ok. Sunday Stitchers met on Sunday through Zoom! It was great to catch up on everyone's news and see everyone in real time. I feel quite grown up to have managed to participate lol! Thanks to Cheryl for instructions and assistance.
There was still a cuppa and energy food...
I did get out of my PJs but went upmarket in the slippers department! Lol! (Gift from Grandchildren last Mothers Day)
I didn't want to lug my quilting from where I am working on it so I worked on my elongated hexies for my Wings border. Amazing what gets stitched whilst chatting!
I now have 2 strips done......
This has been my only detour apart from some drawing from my hand quilting......Block 6 is complete!
And I am working on Block 7.
I have to keep looking at it as a whole to tell myself there is more behind me than ahead of me....KEEP GOING!
I think, however that I am going to have to save it for night time otherwise I am going to go AWOL on it!
The days have been so lovely here and comfortable. I took advantage of my little front verandah and took my drawing outdoors this week. It was very nice.
I am so surprised at how many little orchids are still sending out flower spikes....

Not sure you can see but there are three more coming on this one too!
They are such lovely pops of colour when everything else is getting a bit drab.
I hope you are all faring well and your 'real world excursions have been safe ones.
I haven't ventured too far this week......I fear when all this is over I may not want to lol!  Saying that we have birthday Pizza and cakes, yes plural to celebrate this week.
And Family to see......yay!
Take care.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely quilting on your project & good progress on your hexies too. Love seeing all the beautiful flowers...xox

  2. You are doing super well with your hand quilting, it looks wonderful. Great to have the zoom catch up and get lots of hand sewing done. Nice to be able to sit outside for a while, your orchids are stunning, enjoy the birthdays and family time.

  3. Hi Michelle wow your hand quilting looks awesome ,well done on your beautiful work,how lovely you found some time to draw. How lovely to still be seeing those pretty little orchids,take care and stay safe,Namaste and blessings my friend xx

  4. How wonderful to have modern technology during this period of isolation. Great job on the hand quilting - sometimes it is best not to look at the big picture - big breath and stitch on. Pretty orchids.

  5. Your quilting is looking so beautiful Michelle - worth all the hard work and yes, you are over half way! Lovely feeling. xx

  6. Beautiful quilting,'re on the homeward stretch now! Such pretty flowers too. We have a zoom meetingon Sunday evenings with the family down south for a trivia quiz night, of all things, which is a lot of fun.

  7. You are keeping busy! Nice hexies, by the way, and what a lovely flowers in your garden!
    I find "no-reply comment" bloggers frustrating, occasionally I do bang on about it on my blog; I think some don't actually know they are coming across like that.

  8. Oh I feel so lazy when I see and read about all your doings...everything is so gorgeous.

  9. good to dress up for an online party!! I also have a few no reply's... love the quilting.. it looks amazing and so do your lovely orchids... I think ours don't like the cold...

  10. Great photos of your flowers and quilts
    Love those slippers Super cool and well done on the Zoom

  11. Ruby slippers! I love those... Your quilting is going on a treat Michelle, such beautiful piecing. The orchids are fantastic - they could teach ours a thing or two. Well done on Zoom. I am doing a Zoom training with the gallery today - fingers crossed :) xx

  12. Zoom has turned out to be a wonderful way to get together in these times. love it and glad we have discovered it.
    You are making wonderful progress on both projects. And make the most of the lovely weather.
    Sounds like a bit of fun coming your way with birthdays to celebrate.

  13. You have such beautiful china. What company made it, and what name on bottom (identifier?)

  14. Your orchids are so pretty as is your quilt that you are hand quilting. Love those elongated hexies. It must have been lovely being able to 'see' your stitching friends. I am still isolating apart from grocery shopping once a week for my parents and ourselves. I want to get past winter before I socialise. Keep safe and well.

  15. We are so lucky aren't we to be able to communicate so easily with people when we cant see them in person - hehe I had a wee giggle at you getting glammed up for the occasion! Your quilting is beautiful, you are making great progress. Sigh, wings and things, so pretty. Lovely orchids - I've never had much luck growing them!


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