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Monday, March 23, 2020


Hello everyone. I do hope you are all well and finding lots to keep you occupied during this very weird time. Being a bit of an introvert (yes believe it) staying at home is never a difficulty for me......but worrying about family and friends certainly is. My mind is much better occupied. So  I have been doing some prep work on my Flowerville and lots of drawing in my Nature journal.
The beautiful stitcheries of Flowerville are the centrepiece of a large Dresden plate with 36 little blades....I have a variety of Tilda fabrics for these blades....
So I got to chopping and because I am a dinosaur...did them the old fashioned way of drawing around the template and then cutting them out.
Next step, sewing all those tiny blades into pointy blades.
Backgrounds have been cut out and I have appliqued the first plate to its background.
Rather fiddly but pleased with how it looks. My next job is to applique Block 1 to the centre.
Last week I received some very happy mail and a bargain! I have for a very long time wanted a copy of Edith Holdens "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady" to call my own. My Mother had one and I have always loved it. Until recently it had eluded me......or more to the point my Frugal McDougal pocket lol! I was flicking around on EBay and discovered a smaller hardcovered 2nd hand copy for a measly $9.95 and free postage from the looked fine and I did think if it was very ordinary I hadn't sacrificed too much.......however to my delight it has turned out to be in beautiful condition.....definitely a bargain! The smaller size is actually much nicer to hold whilst reading it.
Ediths attention to detail and observation skills were amazing. Not to mention the wonderful watercolour illustrations she made throughout!
I love her handwriting and on some pages you can see the pencil guide lines for her handwritten text, not quite erased away.
I have been having a lovely time reading her words and enjoying her art and favourite poetry she has added to her entries.

The other thing I have been doing is considering another one block my completed circles to sew........thinking, thinking!
Meanwhile some elongated hexies are waiting for me.
Take care dear friends, wash those clever hands and stay well.

Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your Dresden plate is beautiful, Michelle! And so is the stitchery, so pretty.
    Take care,

  2. Beautiful Dresden...I love that book too; so uplifting & don't you love her artwork??
    Your stitchery piece is so lovely hugs from afar Julierose

  3. Your Dresden plate is so lovely, 36 blades outstanding. Will be a gorgeous quilt.

  4. Your Flowerville stitchery is going to look so beautiful inside the Dresden block. Is this a one off or are you making several of these?

  5. What a beautiful Dresden Michelle, dinosaur or not, it has come together beautifully. The stitchery is lovely too. That is a beautiful book, my friend Eve had it in her collection. Enjoy your hexies.

  6. Keep yourself safe...
    I know I'll be spending W-A-Y more time in my cubbyhole sewing to my hearts content...
    With all the social groups being cancelled though I wonder how others will fare... xox

  7. I love how your Dresdens are looking... it's going to be stunning. the result is great however you get there... great little book - wonderful to find a bargain too... happy hexagonning and keep safe from germs...xx

  8. Such pretty Dresdens, Michelle.....very summery! It's always wonderful to find the book you want at your happy price, isn't it? Tumblers make a fun one-block project, and the acrylic template makes it easy.

  9. The Tilda fabrics look gorgeous for the dresdan plate around the pretty Flowerville blocks......
    The book is a wonderful find for you to enjoy Michelle.
    Take care 🤗

  10. Gorgeous Dresdens. I have a copy of that book - havn't looked at it for years but you are right, it is beautifuly done. xx

  11. Gorgeous blades. I read that book sometime ago and enjoyed it immensely.

  12. Your Dresden is beautiful! I need to go to my sewing room right this minute to make one!!

  13. Your Flowerville is going to be just gorgeous - look at those pretty Dresdens. What a great find in the Edwardian diary - I have never read it either, but one day I might find one too :) I hope you are going ok in our strange new reality. Today is only Day 1 of isolation for us, Katie went home to Canada yesterday :( Take care. xx

  14. Your dresdens are going to look lovely and fit perfectly with the embroidery threads. Well matched all round!
    Your book was a great score. That is a bonus.

  15. OH what a find for you - I know you will spend many happy hours with your 'new' book. Your Tilda dresdens will be a fabulous surround for your gorgeous stitcheries.


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