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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday Stitchers March

Alison and I were on morning tea and we went with St. Patricks Day.
We had our very own little Leprechaun complete with treasure.....and he even shared!
A little bit of nonsense.....finding our Leprechaun name......
Mine was " Musical McNoodles" haha!
We enjoyed lots of yummy goodies too.
De was our birthday girl along with Inca who sadly had to miss the meeting but we are looking forward to peering into her gift bag! Happy birthday Inca xx
De was celebrating a special birthday and Noela was De's person.
Beautiful gifts....
We all out did ourselves with our UFOS.....I forgot to put my completed blocks in my bag (I am making progress on projects my UFO CHALLENGE) so luckily for me I had electronic evidence of my industrious efforts...A Wings block and a Flowerville block.
Be warned.....loads of pics!
Marilyns lovely project book...
Our new ladies Anita and Jacinta had beautiful work to share....
 We all wanted Lyndas beautiful wallet...
And cute pincushion.
Helen shared her gorgeous runner and stitcheries.....

De's sweet mending kit..
Alison had a lovely journal....
Last but not least Cheryl had a completed block....
A really lovely day, filled with laughter and for me anyway....loads and loads of inspiration!
I had a great night Friday night which you can read about *HERE
But one little moment was definitely a fangirl moment for me. I got to meet and have a chat with renowned Australian author and photographer Steve Parish. I have always loved his stunning photography. Dear Daughter couldn't resist being a fan too.
He was very gracious....asking me where a piece of my art was so we could take it in front of my little froggy picture got in the act too!
Ok that's me done.....if you are still with me....Thank you!
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I love seeing your group's lovely work, Michelle - thank you! Wow, fancy meeting Steve Parrish. I have been an admirer of his for a long time.

  2. Always a happy group of ladies enjoying your St Pats morning tea and showing all your beautiful projects .

  3. So much loveliness You have a very talented group of ladies
    \De received some lovely birthday gifts

  4. Well done with your green theme for morning tea. That is a great idea to celebrate with a St Pat's theme.
    Thanks for sharing all the lovely projects, too.
    How great to have a photo with Steve Parish. Love his work, too.

  5. I'm green with Irish envy.... did you know my Granny was Irish? her name was Patricia and she was born on St Patrick day.... As usual wonderful to see everyone's work... and how lovely having some newbies. I have met Anita before...

  6. Such beautiful projects and some smiling familiar faces xx

  7. Always love seeing your friends work Michelle - they are such a talented bunch and find some lovely projects to work on. xx

  8. A fun themed afternoon tea Michelle and lots of beautiful work from your ss buddies. Wow so much talent in your group. Popping over to Nature of Art now :-)


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