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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Marvellous March

March has come with some cooler weather and showers too.....also DD's birthday.
I love this know you're getting older when all your candles set the smoke alarm off lol!
I also had a lovely friend FIONA. It was wet, wet wet. But chatting and stitching made us care less.....
Fiona bought her beautiful version of my Wings design that she and some other friends and I  have been playing with.....Fiona has her top finished....I love it!

It is always hard to imagine what is in your head and how it will look in pleased and just love Fionas colourways and fabrics.
This inspired me...and now that I can get back into my cupboard in my sewing room, I worked on one of my Wings blocks and got it finished....thanks for the inspiration my friend.

Another Flowerville block is finished also.
I am mostly moved back into my sewing room but lots of tidying and putting away needs still to happen....but will have to wait as I stupidly hurt my back doing practically nothing at all.....anyway it is improving which I am very glad about.
Some little areas sorted and treasures in place....

I am pleased that lots have gone to new homes and that I have been able to maintain my "Frugal McDougal" ideology and use mostly what I have to create a much nicer and more workable space....ohh and THAT awful pink wallpaper is GONE!!!
Showers are still about today so I think a quiet day for me.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. That is a gorgeous photo of your daughter Michelle. Fiona's quilt looks stunning. Your sewing room is looking really lovely - you will be keen to get it all sorted - I hope your back improves soon xx

  2. Best wishes to the birthday 'girl'! Fiona's quilt is very pretty, now we look forward to seeing yours.

  3. Always good to have your friend Fiona visit and bring along her Wings Quilt, just gorgeous .
    Pretty blocks you were working on....
    Your new look sewing place looks lovely.

  4. Fiona's quilt top looks gorgeous! Nice work on your Wings block and the Flowerville. How lovely to have a fresh'new' sewing space. xx

  5. It must be such a thrill to see versions of your designs completed. Even more so when one is made by a friend who comes for a visit and you get to see it up close!

  6. Happy birthday to your DD Beautiful photo Can see why you love it
    A thrill to see Fiona and your beautiful design made up by a special friend
    Hope your back is better real soon xo

  7. That is a lovely picture of the birthday girl and her assistants.... Such a great day and I am thrilled with Wings, thanks for the design... so clever... great to see you got your out - the needleturn was feeling left out.... soon you will be making dresden plates!

  8. Who cares what it is like when you have a stitching friend visit....looks like you girls had a great day together. Enjoy your new sewing space.

  9. You've been busy in your NeW sewing room...which looks fantastic...& a visit from Fiona is always NiCe. Happy Birthday to DD...hope you had "cake". xox

  10. Nice to see you enjoying your "new" space.
    We had some little sunshine this week, and I think I should "spring clean" my room too; you have started something ;-)

  11. Very best wishes to your DD. That is a wonderful photo. So nice to have Fiona come for a visit, her quilt is beautiful. Your blocks are coming along beautifully. The sewing room looks great, hope your back is much better soon.

  12. That is a fun photo of your family. Love it.
    How great, too, to have Fiona over. Lots of fun again.
    Lovely to see her quilt top looking great.
    Lovely to see you getting back into your room. It is looking fresh and smart. And well done clearing our and giving away. It makes a big difference.
    Sorry to hear about your back, though. That is a shame. Take care.

  13. Lucky you and Fiona getting to spend time together! I love her Wings and Things!! Mine definitely needs dusting off! Your new look sewing room looks lovely - while I cant bare to part with the superfluous it really is nice to have a cleared space. Another beautiful Flowerville block.


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