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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Up the Misty Mountain

Yesterday I picked up my friends SHEZ and CHERYLL who are in town for the Lets Get Stitched meet up. We went on a girls road trip up to meet our lovely mate FIONA. up on the Darling Downs. We met Fiona at one of my favourite spots along the way to have a cuppa....Spring Bluff railway station.
You never know what kind of clientele you may meet there though lol!
We made poor Shez and her recovering ankle walk up all those stairs to the cafe. It is a lovely cafe which I have always enjoyed.

We had a lovely morning tea out on the front verandah and even had a little sunshine overlooking the gardens. You know......word of warning !
Tour guides should check their facts....yours truly informed her friends...... trains hardly ever come through here. Cheryll crossed the tracks......for a squizzy look see....not long after .....
Might have got that a tad wrong lol! One of three....oops!
I love the old station and the gardens....not at their best with all the recent heat but still pretty.

If you look closely you will see some of the bees that were all over these blooms...
After our sustenance Fiona took us for a little fabric therapy at Highfields....
Very nice indeed.
She then took us off to her lovely home and fed and watered us.....some of us couldn't wait to inspect Fiona's  new sewing chair (with secret compartment )
Ahhh she knows us so well......inside a little surprise each for! Sprung!
So gorgeous! Sweet tin with chokkies and fabric....yum!
As it turns out mine is from the same range that I had treated myself to earlier...
As is the way when you are spending time with special friends, it just flew by way too fast! Filled with laughter and chatter and lovely lunch.....thank you Fiona xxx
The rain had held off all day but we had a misty and rainy trip down the mountain home.
Mr. R. was smiling big-time when he saw my gift from Shez......
Shez 's hubby's green fingers and Shez delicious cooking makes for the best beetroot EVER!
Finding people with whom you can just be yourself is such a blessing.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely day trip, Michelle! I think we visited Spring Bluff years ago but don't remember the cafe, perhaps it hadn't yet been invented.

  2. How lovely Michelle .... you sure can't beat an outing with like minded friends. How wonderful that you could enjoy such a special day together filled with laughs & fun.

  3. What a lovely time you all had. It sounded like a great day. Freinds are the best gift. 😍

  4. What a lovely time you all had. Lovely goodies too, its so good to have special friends. Guida

  5. It is a lovely place to visit. Glad it was enjoyed.

  6. Hi Michelle we had the best day with you and Fiona,tummy sore from laughing,we were very spoilt looking forward to tomorrow my friend xxx

  7. was such a lovely day... thanks for making the trek and bringing Shez and Chez.... my little suburb is still recovering from the noise! haha

  8. Lol! Yes even though that station appears quiet and peaceful, those huge, long coal trains thunder through Spring Bluff regularly! I see in the last photo that Shez is posing in the way that Chez taught her...standing sideways and with the arm bent...Chez told us that that gives a slimmer line. I will be doing that in future! Lol

  9. what an amazing day! i can imagine all the laughing and frivolity lol

  10. What a great day out Michelle. I don't think I have ever been to Spring Bluff - must remedy that one day. Those orange flowers are great - I forget their name! Always so much fun to go fabric shopping with girlfriends. PS You look lovely in white xox

  11. What a fantastic day Michelle... & just the best way to spend it with stitchy friends.

  12. What a perfect day, with wonderful friends! And flowers!! We're starting to see a few early spring crocus, and hopefully will be all abloom soon.

  13. Oh how lovely!!!! So lucky that you guys could spend that time together!! xx

  14. Oh what a lovely day you all had, just perfect to meet up like that. xx

  15. Wonderful!! It looks and sounds like such a special cool that you could hang out together :-)

  16. Looks like you had a great day, I can imagine the chatting and laughter that happened.

  17. Looks like a perfect day all round!

  18. Looks like you all had a fantastic time...precious memories ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Sounds like a great day was had by all.

  20. So pleased you girls had a great catch up......


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