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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Random Things

Special day today my DD this pic of her and the family.

Also Happy International Womens Day girls!
I had a lovely day with friends yesterday.....laughing, solving the world's problems a little stitching.....thank you Bev xx
I worked on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks for March....light or bright green!
My version......
I am really enjoying these circles.....simple but effective.
As it is cooler I dragged out my poor old Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and recommenced my hand quilting on it as I WANT IT DONE this year!
This is the last large flower and then I will be on to the border...praying for the cool to hang around so that progress continues!
I came home yesterday with another book by the same authour as The Beekeepers Secret......
Trying very hard not to disappear in between the pages just yet as I have lots to do but it is sooooo very tempting!
Have a wonderful day everyone.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Enjoyed your post Michelle it is our Jess's birthday tomorrow.

  2. Happy Birthday to DD - that is a lovely picture..... great to get the circles done especially with wonderful friends.... so much cooler and perfect for quilting...

  3. What a gorgeous family photo!

  4. Happy International Women's Day to you, Michelle! I like your pretty greens.

  5. Love the green circles Michelle, am hoping for cooler weather here too, am over the heat! Happy International Womans Day to you too.

  6. That is a lovely pic of your daughter and her family. How are you handquilting your Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt? Around each hexie? I am having a lot of trouble
    with my wonky arthritic index finger and find hand quilting quite difficult now but I still want to do it on small projects. Your circles look great and I am intrigued about that book.

  7. Hi Michelle beautiful work my friend happy international women's day and happy birthday to M xx

  8. I too had trouble with those greens - chosen now but not sure they fit the light and bright criteria! Nice to see your GFG out and about again. xx

  9. Lots of happy things here...Hope your mum is also recovering. Might go & check out the library for those books too.

  10. Nice to see what you are up to Michelle.... I must hunt out that author... nice to hear that it is cooling enough for you to do some quilting - yaay for you- I've got a second layer (top half) on this morning - yaay for me :-) Fun pic of your daughter, hope her day was happy.

  11. You have some lovely projects to work on there! Yes, I know how hard it can be not to peek inside a new book and not start reading....I do so much reading that if I spent the same time on creating projects I would have so many finished things!! But I guess you do whatever brings you enjoyment at that moment!!

  12. So easy to get lost in a good book. Stitching will just have a wait a bit. I use to read all the time until I got back into quilts. Would be the same for me if I STARTED READING AGAIN there would be no quilt tops.

  13. It is interesting how a change of weather can direct us to different projects. Lovely to see how your blocks are progressing.
    Enjoy your book!


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