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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A New Week

Well because I think you can't have too much of a good thing, I got to spend another day with friends Shez and lovely!
We visited a fabric outlet very near to where I  live.....which made two little stitchers very happy. I loved watching the choosing lol! And there may have been a bit!
I fancied these 3 pieces together.....for what? I have no clue! But I just like them!
The only stitching is my hand quilting project.....progress is being made around the border.....
Our weather has been very changeable but my orchids are still flowering away like crazy!
I noticed this morning whilst having my breakfast on my verandah, both my Cooktown orchids are getting in on the act too!

Very excited to see the darker one! It is nice to see little pops of colour in my "garden of neglect".....

And my Flapjacks have gone nuts!
Now I live in the heart of it is always a privilege when wildlife come for a wander.....two little ducks have wandered down from the Environmental Park, snacking on all the grass seeds and insects after Mr. R. did the mowing this morning.

I  wish you all a very creative week......I have a new post on my Art Blog HERE if you wish to read it.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle wasnt it another wonderful day that went to quick,thankyou so much my friend for everything you did for us,you are one in a million my friend. And it was lovely seeing your beautiful garden in person xx

  2. Now I know what that plant is - Flapjacks! I have some growing very well. Nothing like a day of fun with friends, especially is shopping is involved.

  3. Lucky you, another day with Shez! Love your hexie quilt :) xx

  4. Always fun spending the day with Friends. Very pretty orchids lucky you :-)

  5. Two lovely days spent with good friends, how delightful.

  6. You three would have had great fun. I envy you the ability to grow such lovely plants. They wouldn't last very long in our cool climate.

  7. so there has been a bit of support to our Queensland economy done... very good. You found some pretty fabric too. Love the orchids... mine have no spikes yet but they are still living! haha

  8. Oh my, your orchids are stunning. Orchids only ever seem to come to die at my house. Your weekend looked like so much fun!

  9. It is great shopping with like minded friends. Love your chosen fabrics. Some of my orchards are still flowering and have some new buds coming on another. I posted on your Art blog but I think I did it twice...sorry. Enjoy your week.😍

  10. You've had a great time with the ladies . Nice fabric pick up...
    Your hexie project is growing...

  11. Wonderful to have a catch up with friends! Lovely fabric you chose....your orchids are beautiful, so nice to see the splash of colour. Great to have the ducks to visit too.

  12. Oooh, a fabric outlet, what fun! Your flowers are looking lovely, we are getting spring flowers now and our wild orchids will soon be putting in an appearance. Does not feel like spring though and we have another cold blast coming this weekend. xx

  13. You have to make the most of every opportunity when you can. And the flowers are looking lovely! So good to see the ducks visiting.

  14. How wonderful catching buddies. Love your quilt. ( sorry I haven't commented for a while..been visiting my daughter.)


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