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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

My Treasures From Sunday

I promised I would share the treasures from Sundays "Bring and Buy".
Several lovely see I was busy designing when all these lovely things came I am enjoying stitching them now lol! Also a very nice cutlery roll and mat....perfect for taking to stitching and workshops to avoid plastic it!
I seem to have come home with lots of Sandi's gorgeousness.
Honey straight from the hive from her neighbour in the cutest jar.
Dear little needlebook and pincushion.
And this gorgeous little Easter runner that Sandi wasn't happy with.....I adore it!
De gave us our March UFO CHALLENGE number which is...
My number 9 is to work on Angel Story. So that will be very nice.
On Sunday I worked on a little Easter mini quilt for my 12 inch hanger I drew up.
You see I have 2 of these cute hangers but don't have much to put on hopefully I can remedy that and make a couple....starting with one for Easter.
Lastly I wanted to share a family heirloom of sorts. I meant to share when I posted all my orchids.....this teeny tiny unremarkable native orchid belonged to my Great Grandmother and was rescued after her death by my Grandmother who passed it to my Mum who passed it to me......whilst technically its like us new generations of the same family I love having it. No flowers at present but hopefully when it flowers I can grab a snap....the flowers are the tiniest little star orchids. So cute!
Those leaves are no bigger than my thumb nail!
Ok my bed is calling me.....
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. You picked up some lovely treasures at Sunday Stitchers fund raiser. The cutlery roll is a great idea.
    Love the bunnies and carrots runner .
    A longgggggg time ago there was a mini swap and I bought a frame to display them on. Really enjoyed the swap.I have an Easter one to pop on it made by De.
    Look forward to seeing the Orchid flower.

  2. Lovely treasures indeed......well done, Michelle!

  3. Lovely treasures.....and all for a good cause too.
    Cute little bunny for your hanger.
    Hope your little orchid flowers soon,
    I love the native orchids, they are so delicate.

  4. lovely goodies you got there Michelle, your purse was a bit lighter on the journey home! How lovely to have that special tiny orchid...

  5. Hi Michelle such lovely purchases and all for a great cause,love your bunny and love the runner that Sandi made i have just found that pattern and hope tyo make it soon.How special to have your beautiful orchid handed down through generations,very special,Namaste my friend xx

  6. So many lovely things, thanks for sharing. Guida

  7. Lovely array of beautiful things there. Love your Easter bunny.

  8. Lovely Easter bunny and great purchases. The runner looks great.

  9. What a great way to raise money. Everything is adorable. Lovely ideas. Hope your orchid flowers for you. What a great family heirloom. 😍

  10. Lots of lovely goodies that came home with you..that orchid is very special. Love the bunny runner.

  11. How lovely to be passing the plant along through the generations of your family Michelle... I hope you're able to get some pics for us to see!
    Great items picked up from your Bring & Buy.

  12. A nice haul Michelle - and I am looking forward to seeing that orchid flower. xx

  13. Looking forward to seeing the bunny hanging and the tiny orchids.

  14. You did score some lovely goodies.
    Lovely work on your mini, too. Lovely way to use the fabric.


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