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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Vintage and Faux Vintage

Good morning to you all. This week I had a very busy week but the "Happy" kind of busy....great Art class, stitching at my friend Lorel's and friend Diane's. It was my first one of each for the year. How I had missed these ladies. Whilst at Lorel's she bought out a little treasure she had found amongst her Mother's things.
Beautiful delicate ladies gloves and a hand embroidered sachet to keep them safe.
Both pairs are in immaculate condition and the embroidery on the sachet is beautiful. The white pair of gloves have a lace top...
Aren't they sweet. They took me straight back to Sunday mornings in church listening to my Grandfather deliver the sermon from the pulpit  and my Grandmother playing the organ (in her best hat and gloves)....and myself sitting there in my gloves and hat and trying to sit still (a great difficulty for me) LOL!
Thanks Lorel for allowing me to share them. I think they are gorgeous.
Now to the Faux Vintage or Antique.....after finishing the applique on my central block of my newly named quilt "Remembering Roma"....thank you Annette from Jindi's Cottage Annette suggested to me it would be nice to incorporate my Grandmother into the quilts name as I have particularly included her much loved pink carnations in the quilt.
I did a little embroidery to finish it off.
Viola! Block finished!
Roma was my Grandmother and she has been on my mind a lot whilst working on this quilt (which is always a comfort to me)  and as she adored flowers, loved pink carnations, little birds and was married to an Englishman it seems perfect to call it "Remembering Roma"...much better than the "1700's type" quilt lol! A little side note her name was actually Lillian Roma but she detested the Lillian for some reason and went by her second name of Roma....all who loved her knew her as Roma.
I am working on four little six pointed stars for the corners around the central panel next.
I have actually been busy stitching...some secret stuff and this little stitchery by Sue Daley.
After admiring some stitching that Sandi from Forevermoore was doing with DMC 840's (I chose 840) I had been keen to try it and I love the softer more vintagey look it gives. Thanks Sandi x
I can't show you what it is all about as it is a secret...far too many nosey parkers around lol!
Enjoy your weekend everyone, we are off to decide who is going to do us over the least and VOTE!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. I love the pretty gloves and what a good idea about having a special place to store and protect them. The quilt block is really pretty.

  2. Your centre block is beautiful, and a lovely tribute to your nanna. The gloves are so pretty, reminders of life lived at a different speed.

  3. I remember wearing little white gloves to church when I was a child , I felt very special :-) your block is beautiful and I love that you have named it after your grandmother who you loved .

  4. Love your quilt block and the name is very appropriate.
    I remember my mother wearing gloves to church and often when she went into town.

  5. Love the block Michelle and that little bit of embroidery brings it altogether beautifully. A lovely way to remember your grand mother.

  6. That is a very beautiful block and a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. Such lovely gloves and glove case too.

  7. Another one here who remembers wearing gloves! As well as a case for gloves, a lady would have had a hanky fact, I still have one. Remembering Roma will be a beautiful quilt!

  8. Oh those gloves & that case made my heart skip a beat MIchelle, I just adore anything vintage like that & have an old collar box on my dressing table with some lace gloves peeking out of it :-) Remembering Rona looks just beautiful.

  9. the gloves look gorgeous and I love the memories they stirred up for you.
    Perfect name choice for your vinatge quilt! well done Annette

  10. I remember wearing gloves to Sunday school, you have just reminded me lol. Hats, bags and gloves were the thing back then. I so love your beautiful applique and that stitchery has me quite intrigued.

  11. Your block is looking so lovely!! Such beautiful work!!

  12. Oh my, ... Remembering Roma is going to be a beautiful quilt, I love that center block !

  13. That's a lovely tribute to your grandmother. She would be smiling from ear to ear I'm sure. Xox

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  15. Love the quilt blocks. Wonderful tribute to your Grandmother. Hugs,xx

  16. Your block is just beautiful, Michelle. How special are those lovely gloves. What a treasure you friend has in them.

  17. What a beautiful block - your Grandma must have been a lovely lady.

  18. how lovely to see those gloves.... they did look so graceful but I am rather happy we are not expected to wear them these days! I love your block ... and perfect name for it too...

  19. Love the name :) ...and your centre block is gorgeous...

  20. How lovely to see the beautiful gloves and their gorgeous embroidered case. I also remember having little white gloves and a hat for church. It would be nice to have a photo of it, wouldn't it? Those days are certainly past.
    Your centre block is really pretty, and I love those pink carnations. xx

  21. Love the gloves and their protective sachet. I remember making a handkerchief sachet in sewing class at primary school. It's the little things that are precious reminders of the 'olden days' isn't it.

  22. Gorgeous name for a gorgeous quilt Michelle

  23. The centre block is gorgeous, I love the little bits of stitchery, and really love where you have perched the sweet birdie :) What a fantastic name for the quilt! Well done Annette :) Oooh I do like that thread, must remember that number :)


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