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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting There Slowly

It  is a lovely rainy day here today......sooo lovely and cool!
After finally drawing out the design for the centre piece on the 1700's type quilt (I really must think of a name) I laid it out ready to applique.
Some progress has been made and  I have begun to applique the pieces down.
As pink Carnations were my grandmothers favourite and they grew in her garden, I had to add a few.
I am really pleased at how the central panel is looking with the side pieces. I think it will look quite good.
Still lots to do but I am loving every minute of it.....some more ivy and some blossom is required and of course that sweet little birdie somewhere in there too.
I have decided that this year I wanted to also stitch one of my Alphabets into a quilt ( I thought it might be nice for the Grandies) and I have chosen Country at Heart Alphabet.
Some of my friends have it as well and are planning to keep me company and stitch a long with me. Have to go and cut out and trace my ABC'S and then I am off to my first stitching day and night for the year...yay!
It's a very special day for our youngest Grandson today as he is a BIG school boy today and starts Prep.
This was the big fit out but he gets to do it for real today. Big hugs Cooper, I wish you an awesome day xxx
That's it from me for today...hope yours is a good one.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle i am glad it has cooled down for you there we are back to having the heaters on,lol.Oh your alphabet quilt will look awesome,i look forward to seeing your progress on that one my friend.And i hope Cooper has an awesome time at school,they look so little with their bags dont they,lol.xx

  2. Hello Michelle,

    Lucky you with that cool weather, 38 plus here today. So your cool photo did the trick and I thought I was in Queensland. Just love the applique blocks you are working on. Hope Cooper enjoys his first day, he does look very smart in his uniform.

    Happy days.

  3. Ooo, and our first grandson starts prep today too. Big day for them both, and they probably won't notice it's raining. The centrepiece is looking gorgeous Michelle; can't wait to see the rest of this quilt. xx

  4. Your 1700's type quilt centre panel is lovely! Looking forward to seeing where birdie finds itself :) Sounds like a lovely stitch-along with your friends :)

  5. Very pretty center piece. Wondering what you will name it. Looking forward to seeing the finish.

  6. It's much cooler here today nice! Jacobean designs are fascinating, have you ever looked up Deerfield embroidery?

  7. I love your applique blocks and I will enjoy following your progress. Have fun stitching your alphabet quilt. I have your pattern book and have enjoyed using the lovely stitcheries on gifts for family and friends.

  8. Fantastic start on an awesome quilt Michelle.
    Cooper will have had a huge day...all good I hope.
    I am very tempted to use your alphabet pattern in a quilt too...but I'll stay strong as I made a promise to myself that I would finish off WIP or planned quilts. SO far SO good...xox

  9. Your applique looks stunning. Love the fabrics you have used. I look forward to seeing the birdie.

  10. Your appliqué looks amazing Michelle...looking forward to following your progress. Hope Cooper had a great day! Enjoy your night with friends.

  11. Its looking absolutely lovely, and yes it does need a name. Hope your grandsons day went well, such a milestone.

  12. Your quilt centre is looking lovely. And it is lovely that you get to enjoy working on it in cooler weather.
    I like the idea of your alphabet in a quilt. Does this mean you are going to do one for each alphabet you have?? :)
    Isn't it fun to see them looking so special on the first school day! I hope Cooper had a great day!

  13. Your quiltblocks are wonderful, love the applique flowers !
    Like the sound of putting the alphabet into a quilt.

  14. Your block is coming along so beautifully! Kids grow up so fast!

  15. Your appliqué blocks are beautiful and do look lovely together .

  16. your applique quilt is going to be gorgeous! And you've just given me an idea for a baby quilt that I need to make. Keep those ideas coming!

  17. love the look of your applique quilt.. such pretty flowers.... I will sewalong with you but with my bears alphabet! hope Cooper enjoys school.. our Xav started grade 1 this year

  18. Love the applique quilt. Beautiful. Hugs,xx

  19. The 1700's type quilt is certainly coming along beautifully...given that you are incorporating carnations in memory of your grandmother what about incorporating her name into the quilt name?...

  20. Lots of lovely stitching Michelle. Look forward to seeing your Country at Heart alphabet stitched. Hugs.....

  21. Hope Cooper had a great first day at school Michelle. your 1700s quilt is going to be amazing


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