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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Random Acts Of Kindness

This week I have been truly blessed with "Random Acts of Kindness". Yesterday the postie left me a parcel from a very lovely lady Joy from Bundaberg. Joy knows I love to draw and look what was inside...
A lovely tin of pencils (all grades) and a great sketch book. Joy has made be a gorgeous bag to carry them in as well. They fit in perfectly so I can take them with me whenever I want to. Thank you so much Joy. You are kindness itself. If we had more people like Joy in the world it would be a much better place xxx
On the subject of drawing I have been doing a little. Are you ever looking for a quilt label to stitch for that special quilt or handmade Christmas gift? Well I know I am and so I decided to draw a series of  8. I will always have them at hand then.....there a couple of Christmas ones, stitching ones and ones  to use for any occassion....want a peek at the drawings?
  I hope to have the drawings ready in a little packet along with the Bears Alphabet very soon.
What do you think?
Ok I am off to unwrap my new pencils and smell that brand new paper...weird I know but hey I like weird!
Please be kind to one another as it really does have the power to lift others up.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. What a kind and joyful gift! And so perfectly suited to you. Your labels look very cute. I have no artistic talent, so I love seeing what others can do.

  2. What a thoughtful gift from Joy. The labels look great-- lovely idea.

  3. What a great idea for the labels. I know you have to do one but am always lacking the inspiration. What a lovely gift.

  4. Hi Michelle that is so special for Joy to do that and you deserve a lovely surprise,love your drawings the labels are very cute,Namaste my friend.xx

  5. What a thoughtful gift! Nothing wrong with weird.....I love the smell of timber when it is being worked, especially when it's been made into new musical instruments.

  6. You're sure a lucky girl! Such a sweet surprise. Love your labels.

  7. What a lovely gift from Joy. Your little tags are very sweet Michelle - perfect for any occasion

  8. What a kind thing for Joy to do. Bet it lifted your spirits.
    Labels look great. Looking forward to seeing them

  9. I love the smell of new art supplies, and this may make me a sad individual but being the owner of a new notebook actually brings me a huge amount of joy too.

  10. That is a very sweet gesture by Joy, she is a visually a fan of your work. No weirdness in enjoying the smell of new art supplies......or new books.....or new fabrics.......
    Love your labels, great idea.

  11. lovely to get that special parcel.... and I do like the idea for the labels... well done you...

  12. Hello Michelle,

    Joy's gift is so special. Yep, I love the smell of new books and paper. Give me a bookstore of new books any day! Enjoy sketching.
    Michelle, have you thought of getting someone to digitize your designs for machine embroidery???

    Happy days.

  13. A beautiful gift for a beautiful and special lady.
    I am so looking forward to your Bear Calendar and the lovely Tags.
    Catch up soon. X Mon

  14. Michelle - I love the labels. Great work. Can't wait for the pattern.

  15. Beautiful gift Michelle, looking forward to the labels.

  16. What a lovely, thoughtful gift!
    And you labels are a wonderful idea.


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