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Sunday, November 23, 2014

FNSI & 800th Post

Friday night was
Hosted by the lovely Wendy at Sugar Lane Quilts I had a little task in mind. A young friend of mine is going to be a Mum in the very near future and as we know what the new little person is my colour choice was made. I had drawn a "boyish" letter  "J" and wanted to stitch in a soft blue....
As you can see I got it all done. Thanks Wendy for having us at your place again. I have been visiting here and there to see what you all got up to. So nice stitching with you all.  I did start early though after a lovely visit from my bestie Ann. I had asked Ann to make me a special card for a special friend (not a blogger) and I have to share as it is gorgeous!
Sorry it is not a better photo but I love it and I know my friend will too!
Aunty M and I are very happy to tell you that
"Bear Hugs Alphabet" is ready. The cost $14.00 Aus plus postage for overseas customers.
I am sure all you "bear' lovers out there will enjoy my drawings as I loved creating them.
I also have "8 Quilt Labels" pattern ready too. There are 8 different designs including several Christmas ones. Perfect little stocking stuffer  for your stitchy friends or a gift for yourself.
The cost is $10.00 Aus plus postage for overseas customers. If you would like either of these just email me.
***Please be aware that there are no projects included in either of these patterns. They are my line drawings only for you to use in your own projects.
***800th POST***
Yes folks this is my 800th post and I want to thank you all so much for being such a wonderful part of my blogging and friendship journey. I just love being able to express myself and share with you all.
Now I have a little celebratory giveaway.....
This year I decided to really appreciate all my lovely Gingie themed decorations etc.
and so I have decorated the area off my kitchen in all things "Gingie"
This is where all my Frosties usually go but it is toooo hot this year and I don't want them to melt so a small contingent are going to be in a cooler spot.... anyway I digress (must be the rush of sugar from the Gingie corner) The two patterns in the draw have a gingie or two so it seemed fitting.
I thought therefore you might like a copy of my "Christmas Fixin's" booklet, my new "8 Quilt Labels" pattern and 3 festive fat quarters ( one of them I have to say must have been chewed instead of cut lol!) bit crooked. So there you are if you would like to be in the giveaway leave me a comment and tell me what you love about blogging. OVERSEAS FRIENDS... I will do an extra draw for you but no fabrics I am sorry due to postage cost restrictions, just the patterns. So make sure you tell me where your hail from!
Thank you one and all for reading my sometimes loooong epistles and responding with such affection. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

This little Elf is taking it easy today in this heat.....a bit more tiding around the Christmas decorating may or am not happen. Only the Christmas tree to go but I like to do that on December 1st and really take my time as so many of my loved ones, family and friends are a part of my Christmas tree and I love to treasure and think about everyone who has contributed to it and what they mean to my family and I.

Enjoy your Sunday.
Namaste and Blessings
Michelle xxx


  1. Totally love your new patterns ! Will e-mail you about the Bear Alphabet - I simply must have it :) What do I love about blogging? Everything really but most of all the inspiration and friendship from others with the same stitching heart. Hugs - Fee xx

  2. love your stitcheries :) what do I love about blogging? the inspiration and friendships formed :)

  3. Your little J bear is gorgeous, Michelle. The Gingie cabinet is looking wonderful. Congratulations on your 800th post. What I love about blogging is all the friends I have made. Also all the inspiring posts by everyone. Thanks for the lovely giveaway. Hugs, Christine xx

  4. Your patterns look beautiful. The gingies look lovely on your dresser.
    Blogging has introduced me to lots of great friendships. I am glad I joined the blogging world. I am from Sydney.

  5. A beautiful Blue "J" stitchery Michelle and the special Christmas card your friend make is lovely.
    Congratulations on your 800th post...
    What I love about blogging is the new friends I have make and sharing lots of fun and ideas.
    thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  6. Hi Michelle from South Coast NSW! Congratulations on your 800th post woohoo! Love your Gingie set up...I love the inspiration from other Bloggers and friendships formed...and I love to read other blogs!

  7. 800 posts!!! That is awesome! And so many following you on your journey. Now what do I love about blogging? What DON'T I like, so many creative people sharing their treasures and dreams, at times my neck is achy from craning my neck for a closer look! Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your lovely loot! I am across water down here in NZ, can you see me waving?

  8. What adorable new patterns!Congrats on 800 posts. What I love most about blogging is that I have friends all over the world! from the USA.

  9. Congrat on your 800th post love all your gingie decorations. What I love most, all my new friends,chatting with them,reading their views and being inspired by so many people such as yourself. Thank you for the lovely giveaway :)

  10. So many gorgeous things to look at...don't know what I love the best! Blogging gives me a way to keep in touch with so many wonderful friends all over the world. Thanks for your wonderful patterns.

  11. Congrats on your 800th post ... lots of gorgeous projects and projects-to-be :o)
    The best part of blogging is that I always feel connected thanks to the beautiful friendships made xx

  12. Wow wow and more wows
    Your gingies look great
    The best thing about blogging is all the wonderful friends I have made Always suppotive

  13. Cute little stitchery and the card your friend made is very lovely and unique.
    Congrats on your 800th post.
    Blogging has opened a wonderful world of inspiration for me and I have made some very dear friends.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. I do love how you have decorated (and yes, I did imagine your outfit as you did it!!!) your new patterns are great and well done for getting to 800! Like so many others I love the friendships gained through blogging... including yours!

  15. Wow, everything is happening at your place. The letter J is rather gorgeous.Will you frame it or sew it into something?
    And I know it is a big relief for you when the patterns are done. Well done!
    I think it is very exciting to reach 800 posts. Congratulations. I enjoy following all that you do and look forward to many more good reads.
    Love the idea of your Gingie decorated area. It looks like a lot of fun. Those poor snowies must really be feeling the heat!!
    What are you doing to celebrate 800 posts - out to dinner, a massage, theatre?? Something fun for you!!
    Cheers and well done!

  16. Hi Michelle well done on your beautiful new patterns and the stitchery you are doing for a gift is so cute,we are the lucky ones to be blessed with your beautiful talent,Namaste my friend.xx

  17. oops sorry Michelle i for got to add that i love blogging because i have had the chance to make such lovely friendships.xx

  18. J bear is so cute. Love the new patterns. Love your decorations. Congratulations on 800 posts. What i love about blogging is the friendships i make & all the inspiration I get from reading blogs. Hugs, xx

  19. Congratulations Michelle on your 800th post! Your new patterns are gorgeous :-) And I love your ginge decorating too!! I have made so many friends through blogging and love all the inspiration and sharing from all around the world. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway :-)

  20. congrats on your 800th post that is totalling awesome you are an inspiration to all of us xx

  21. Wow 800 posts - congratulations dear friend. I guess, like you, blogging has changed my life and I have made the most wonderful friends through it. And we get to enjoy your gorgeous designs. LOVE your gingie corner - wish I could transfer all that down here lol. Lovely new booklets too - have a soft spot for the teddy alphabet and a sweet design for the new baby

  22. You have been busy! We don't even think about decorating until after 2nd December, which is our second son's birthday......that started when he was quite young, and even though he is grown up and living overseas we still carry it on.

  23. Wow, congratulations on 800 posts, Michelle, you are a marvel.
    The Ginger corner is the business, so cute and delicious!
    Lovely patterns, and a great giveaway.
    Blogging is one of the best things I've ever done: great friendships all around the world, creative satisfaction in putting a blog together, and imo, great therapy :)) xox

  24. I'm sure your new pattern will be popular Michelle - congrats on your massive blogging milestone! wow 800 posts is a lot of writing!
    I love blogging for the friendship, inspiration & fun of swaps...

  25. Love your stitching. I finally finished one of your snowmen and gave it as a gift. My friend was thrilled.
    Love seeing your decorating. So sweet.

  26. Popping in via FNSI...the stitchery is so sweete and detailed.

    I love blogging as it allows me to share my photos with friends and family.

  27. Happy 800th post Michelle. Your patterns look fantastic. I’ve noticed too that gingerbread people are really popular this year in regard to Christmas decorating. I think you may have started the trend!

    Hmnnnn- what do I love about blogging? The friendships made, the inspiration I get from seeing other people’s posts , and the peek I get to have into other peoples lives from all around the world. We aren’t so different either even if we do live in different countries or have vastly different cultures.

  28. Love your little blue stitchery! 800 posts is quite a milestone. Congratulations from TX! (At least I'll be in TX in a few weeks!)

  29. 800 wonderful posts!! Giggles rule in the kitchen! We love the inspiration to be found in others blogs and making friends. Such fun in blog land.

  30. YOur alphabets are always so beautiful and creative!
    BLogging?? - its a great way to keep in touch and to somehow accumulate more ideas than I could ever achieve!!
    (You know i'm in Aust!!!)
    Some people are so darned organised - absolutely Christmas decorations here until December 1st!
    Looking forward to seeing "J" finished...


  32. Congratulations on your 800th post Michelle - gosh what an acheivement. I love visiting your blog, its always such a treat & an inspiration. I love your new alphabet & I have a crink in my neck from peering so closely at your ginger decorations :-)
    The thing I think I love the most about blogging is the friendships & also the inspiration I get from it all. Never thought I would love anything about cyberspace to be honest, but I love reading blogs :-)

  33. Hi Michelle,
    as you know I have not been a very good Blogger lately, but I never miss your lovely posts, so I guess I love the inspiration from all the wonderful blogs out there.
    Congratulations on your 800th post, and gorgeous new patterns,
    Hugs R.

  34. WOW 800 posts...congratulations Michelle. Love the new Teddy Bear alphabet...I'm a bear collector and I've made many bears over the years. I'll have to put your new bear alphabet pattern on my wish list. I know there will be lots of cuteness in the booklet. I love the friendships and the inspiration from blogging. I live down the street from Crazyquiltgirl Fabric Shop in Michigan, USA. Thanks for the chance to stitch your lovely designs. Happy Stitching!!

  35. Congrats on so many posts. You are more prolific than me.

  36. Congratulations on your 800th post! Patterns are so nice! I have made some wonderful friendships through blessed to share peoples lives and creations.

  37. Congrats to 800 posts! The friendship and inspiration is what I love most about blogging. I'm from Sweden.

  38. Congratulations on your 800th post and more gorgeous designs. I discovered blogging and just read posts for quite a while before taking the plunge and starting my own-what an adventure is's been in finding friends online with similar interests and seeing all the wonderfully inspiring things that everyone is up to..Living in New Zealand I'm able to keep up with all the crafty happenings over there in Australia as well..

  39. love all of your Christmas decorating Michelle. Congrats on your 800th post, an awesome give away to celebrate. I love being able to share all of my crafts I have made and also celebrating family events in a memory keepsake. All the wonderful bloggy friends I have made along the way...


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