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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lunch at Cabarlah

The Mister and I went on a little road trip up the range to a little hamlet called Cabarlah just outside Toowoomba. We had a very delicious lunch at The Farmer's Arms hotel..
This is it's claim to fame...
It is a lovely old country frills!
But a great atmosphere and great food. This fireplace is in the original part of the hotel and is 150 years old this month I was told by the barman.
We had very nice company for lunch. In fact you may know her...
Fiona and her hubby came across and joined us. We enjoyed a good old natter and a lovely lunch.
We decided to come home a different route than the one we took coming up so we went down through the small town of Esk. Coffee was in order and we found a lovely old heritage house which is now a  cafe to enjoy it.
We opted to sit out on the verandah shaded by lovely big old trees to have our coffee.
    This Crow's nest fern in the garden was huge!!!
Now see this cheeky little feathered person?
Well the move was made from there to the chair next to me...
Several of his mates then arrived after called them in sqwarks and he then proceeded towards my cake plate..
and then helped himself! I have never ever seen a Rainbow Lorikeet harass people for food and then we realised...
He was slurping up the drizzled honey which was the decoration on the cake plates. He didn't touch the cake or cream just the honey....cheeky chops!
After it was all gone on to another abandoned plate in the funny to watch!
It has been a very nice day enjoying simple things. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday too.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. A lovely post, Michelle. I have never even heard of Cabarlah but the pub looks good. Lorikeets are cheeky, but I've never seen that happen either. However, they sure do love honey, and are probably tame from approaching tourists all the time.

  2. what a lovely time you had and so special that you got to catch up with Fiona.xx

  3. Sounds like a perfect day Michelle. Two lovely spots, and love those cheeky rainbow lorikeets

  4. What a delightful post, From visiting with Fiona to foraging lorikeets! I'd love to be in a place where I can have both!!

  5. Looks like you an awesome road trip and even more awesome when you can meet up with friends...a fun time for sure. Love the sweet featured friend that came to slurp the last of your honey. I would say you had a perfect day!! hugs

  6. What a delightful day! How fun to meet up with Fiona. That bird is amazing. It's so fun to read blogs from around the world and see sights that we would never see here. Never stop sharing!

  7. You and Mr. R do the best road trips. That pub reminds me of the Humpty Doo pub just outside of Darwin . Tons of character.

  8. A lovely post... maybe you should do a book on the best places to eat?
    Haha... it was lovely to see you and have a meal out too!!

  9. sounds like a wonderful road trip!

  10. Looks a fabulous pub...such atmosphere. Love that cheeky lorikeet! When I saw your post about this on FB, I wondered where Cabarlah was and was going to message you to need to now! Lol

  11. What a wonderful day with great company, lovely food and scenery, and free entertainment!

  12. Aren't they just the days that feed the soul, Michelle?!... and the cheeky birds, it seems!

  13. a nice day trip and great lunch company.............


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