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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

OMG! My FHFS Parcel Arrived!

Good morning all. Now I am a girl who really tries hard to live in the moment but the next two and half weeks until We can open our 1st FHFS giftie is going to test my resolve. Yesterday the postie bought me this BIG box! I was so excited I couldn't keep the camera still, so you will excuse the fuzzy photo.
Much haste in opening the box and Viola!
Under that gorgeous parcel many more treasures were revealed...
LOVE!!!! This frosty box!....want to see inside?
Now the sweet little Elf with the big heart who put all this gorgeousness together was Keryn  from Christmas Creations by Keryn....just makes you feel all jingley! Boy it's going to be a long two and a half weeks!!!
Seems as all that trying so hard to be good in case Santa's Elves were watching paid off and I made it to the VERY GOOD GIRL list. Thank you so much Keryn xxxx
What have I been doing besides drooling over my gift? Well I have my Christmas decorating done except for the mess on my dining room table which hopefully will soon be resolved and I have been playing with a little felt.....seems I am in a "Gingie" frame of mind....must be all those Gingies on my dresser.
  Enjoy your Tuesday,
Namaste and blessings
Michelle xxx


  1. lol i didnt doubt for a moment that santa was coming to you Michelle and what a treat having the lovely keryn being your santa,Cheryl and i are staying with Keryn this Saturday and i am so looking forward to seeing her home all decorated for xmas.
    Oh Michelle i love this ginger bread house is there a pattern for this one its so cute,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  2. You have done well so far - keep being good!

  3. Woohoo, not surprised you are drooling, the packages are beautifully wrapped and look so tempting! Love your little gingie house - very cute!

  4. Oh who's the lucky girl to receive that parcel so beautifully wrapped and asking to be opened. But wait not till after the count down. :)

  5. Now no squeezing those presents, Michelle! I love your gingerbread house.

  6. You are so lucky. I am sure you will have a wonderful time when they are ready to be opened.

  7. Oooh what beautifully wrapped presents there...they certainly do look inviting :-)
    Love the Gongerbread House that you've made...beautiful! In an amazing coincidence, my dining room table sounds just like yours! Lol

  8. Gosh they aren't even my gifts and I'm drooling! Likey your gingerbread house too.

  9. Im with Leeanne Michelle ... drooling over your gifts. Just gorgeous - its going to take alot of willpower NOT to sneaky peek. Love that frosty tin too :-)

  10. Wow, a lot of fun waiting in those packages I'm sure.

  11. Lucky you ... You will be totally spoilt ... Believe me xx

  12. Your parcels are gorgeous Michelle. I dont know if I could open that box and then not squish and rattle those gifts .And as for not opening them-torture!!!!

  13. woooohooooo.... exciting...


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