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Monday, April 21, 2014

One of My Favourite Things To Do.

I do hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter break. Mr R. and I decided that 1 and a half whole years was quite long enough trying to get a garden finished in our front yard so we threw ourselves into getting it finished  with gusto. I will show our efforts next post. Today I wondered if you would like to come for a wander with me to one of my favourite places 10 mins walk from my home. Mr R and I took ourselves off up to the Conservation Park several times for an early morning walk over the break. It was so nice in the fresh morning air.
It is a beautiful spot. Lots of little bridges over running creek at the moment I am afraid. Much too dry. It is however wonderful when the creek is running. The water just rushes through here and the sound is beautiful! But I love it whatever the weather. Really recharges your batteries.
It has a few little challenges up and over some boulder steps and a few steep grades which gets the heart pumping I can tell you. I love the huge boulders throughout the park all covered in lichen. They are throughout the gorge and gullies.
We saw several very quick footed wallabies...too fast for my camera though. Loads of bird song too. I loved these gorgeous Banksia bushes in bloom. The brushes were huge!

There are several cave type rocky outcrops along the path...I suspect a home for several creatures of the bush.
This bridge that I am on takes you around a curve and up a very steep grade.
How high you have climbed is obvious by your heart rate and the steps you have to climb down to get back to the where you started.
There are many more before you get this far down.

Back to where we started down there...
Thanks for indulging me and for coming along with us. We feel very blessed to have this pocket of nature virtually on our doorstep and just a quick walk away. Once you enter the park it is hard to believe that surburbia is right outside the gate.
I shall show you what I have been up to stitching wise and my gardening efforts next post.
Namaste and blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. You are so lucky, what a beautiful spot...

  2. wow this is such an amazing lace Michelle you are very lucky my friend.xx

  3. Michelle - how beautiful. You are so lucky to have this amazing spot so close to home

  4. thank you for letting us walk with you. So much easier from an armchair!Haha!
    cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  5. That is a beautiful walk. How lovely to have this on your doorstep!!

  6. Thanks for taking me along... :)

  7. A beautiful place for a walk, Michelle. xxx

  8. So peaceful and restful. All that green and quiet so close to home. I'm envious!

    Thanks for virtually taking us along for the walk. I like that it took no actual physical exertion on my part but I got all the benefits. (except a cardio workout)

  9. fabulous walk nearby you.... well done with that steep climb especially after getting gusto in the garden!

  10. Lovely photos, Michelle. What a nice place to visit.

  11. Thanks for sharing! I'd love to walk there.

  12. That would have been lovely early in the day - maybe not so much in the middle of the day though. Thanks for the ride.

  13. How lovely to have such a beautiful spot near-by. Sounds like you had a nice Easter :)

  14. What a beautiful spot. Lucky you being so close.

  15. Now that's the way to have a walk..Hehe..
    Tks Michelle it is gorgeous..<3


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