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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

From E. Bunny????

Well I always suspected that anyone who was lucky enough to have long velvet ears, a soft powder puff tail and a twitchy nose and whiskers was bound to be a generous soul! Yesterday I received a very mysterious package in the return address....only this...
Inside was a little cache of delicious Easter eggs and the most beautiful spray of flowers made from very artfully folded fabrics and paper...
As yesterday was an extremely stressful day, this joyful act of kindness was such a blessing. Definitely made me smile! So big hugs and thank you "E. Bunny" bless your little cottontail...whoever you are xxx
We have some good news with regards to our granddaughter Erin. Her brain activity has normalized and she can be slowly weaned off the drugs she has been on. Her MRI showed that she has an asymmetrical brain and because of her age and the fact it is still growing and developing we don't know what or if this is significant.
Nothing sinister was found for which we are extremely grateful. But the why??? is still unknown.We just have to hope and pray the seizures don't return. It is very much a wait and see affair now.
Thank you to all of my dear friends out there who have shown me such love, concern and support during this very worrying time.

Yesterday I had a little visitor while his Mum and Dad were at the hospital....Lego Master Builder extraordinaire Lachie!! He built his helicopter all by job!
So while Lachie was busy building I started sewing my hexies together.
Shame you don't get to see much of the cute fabric.
Ok that is it from me. I have to dash to the post office to get this parcel away....
Wonder where it is off to FHFS people?????
I wish you a joyful day.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. oh Michelle what good news i am sure everything will be fine for her now,bless her little soul.
    Wow what a great builder Lachie is,well done mate and lol i wonder where this parcel is heading to ,hmm.xx

  2. I'm glad to hear Erin is doing okay. What a worry for everyone. I'm just about to head off to the post office too! But I forgot to take a photo before packaging it up! So no teasing photo from me! LOL!

  3. So glad that things are looking up for your granddaughter. Great helicopter!

  4. Such good news regarding Erin. The brain is still very unknown by doctors and scientists. The rest of your post is filled with happiness too, big hugs

  5. That is good news for now, I hope Erin stays well.

  6. That is some relief for you - no wonder you are having "stress" days - fingers crossed its all good from here on...gorgeous sewing on your hexies.

  7. Such good news about Erin.....Lachie has done a great job...

  8. Wonderful news Michelle here's hoping it stays positive. On the selfish side hope the parcels coming here!!

  9. so wonderful to hear some good news about your grandaughter. A huge relief that they have ruled out anything sinister.
    I am sure you can all take a breath now.

  10. Fingers crossed it's on its way to meeeeee ! xx... lol
    That is really wonderful news about your GD... and a huge relief too!

  11. So glad to hear the good news. Love the leggo builder's helicopter and the stitching looks great.

  12. Lovely to hear such positive news about Erin Michelle,
    I'm sure you must all be so relieved.
    Isn't Lego the best toy ever for children? well done Lachie.
    My family are all grown up now but their Lego is still being used by our youngest Grandson.
    Hugs R.

  13. Dear Michelle, so, so pleased to hear the good news about Erin - a perfect Easter Blessing! What a fantastic helicopter, Lachie - you have outdone the Lego efforts in our household!

  14. That E Bunny has been very busy. Wonderful news about Erin. Fingers crossed things will now be back to normal. Do you think Lachie might be a builder

  15. Prayers for Erin & her family xxx. E Bunny has been busy!

  16. Michelle, haven't been checking out blogs for a while so just read about your GD. Glad you have had some good news. Big Hugs.......

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Pleased to read your little granddaughter is getting better and I pray she stays well.
    You are a cleaver young man Lachie, building your Lego helicopter.
    That E Bunny has been busy and it was sew nice to have arrived in time to cheer you up.
    Love the hexies.

  19. I've been out of pocket the last few weeks. Am just now getting the opportunity to catch up on some blogs. Sorry your granddaughter has had such a difficult time and glad to learn it's under control. E.Bunny sure knew how to brighten your day!

  20. Just the best news about Erin.. these things seem to come up sometimes... so E Bunny has been your way... busy little thing....
    Love Lachie's helicopter....

  21. What wonderful news for all with Erin. I do hope and pray that this great news will continue.
    Love the Hexies.
    I hope the Easter Bunny visits me .... how I've missed my Chocolate...
    Have a great Easter. xx

  22. I am so pleased you have good news concerning little Erin. Hopefully all will be well now. How lovely to have a visit from E. Bunny.
    Hugs xx

  23. What a lovely anonymous gift ! Im sure it put a spark into your day.

    Great news about Erin. Fingers crossed and blessings to you all.

    I hereby crown Lachie Lego Builder Extraordinaire. That’s one complicated and amazing piece.

  24. Biggest hugs to you and your family... must be very scary for you all xxx

  25. Happy news and love the helicopter. Lego is wonderful. Glad the stress is a little less.

  26. So pleased to read the good news regarding Erin. It is such a hard time when you are left wondering.
    I am pleased the results are positive!

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