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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Clever Friend

One of the nicest bloggers I have gotten to meet is our very own Marilyn from Mardi Meanderings. A sweet and clever lady. Marilyn has begun designing under the name "Mardi Kaye Designs" and they are lovely. Her Stitching Case is a real hit....
isn't it beautiful? Quite a few of these are being made around town....soo pretty and think of all those projects you can take on retreat in that case.
Another pretty from Marilyn is her Shopping Compendium which I am sure you will just love...
I think this is gorgeous! If you pop over to Marilyn blog and go to her design page you can see the inside workings of this little wonder pouch and also find out how you can get hold of her patterns.
It makes me so happy to see lovely creative people following their unique and special path.
My swap partner in the Dresden swap was Claire and she loves aqua and red. As these are colours I don't normally use it was great fun to use something different....
I made Claire a table runner and she really liked it and says it will be perfect to use in her new home.
*note to the item before taking photo!! I really enjoyed making for Claire. I did have other goodies but forgot to take a photo of those. This has been a lovely swap with great girls. Huge thanks to
Peg and Shez  for organising it so beautifully for us.
Not much sewing going on here as I seemed to have collected a little cold in my travels and feel a bit "Blah!"
As I love to draw freehand I have been wanting to do a better job of it. Drawing for stitching is a little different than trying to use shading etc. So I decided that loads of practice is what is required. Little Merle one the furry friends who lives with me volunteered to be my model.....
A little close up..
trouble is I can lose hours doing this. Much more practice needed but it is such good fun.
Enjoy your day. Me? I am off for a cuppa and some Panadol.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Do hope you are feeling better soon.
    Yes Marilyn's bag is lovely.
    Love the Dresden table runner you made Claire. I did see the goodies you send her . Lucky girl.
    I think you sketch beautifully. I can only draw stitch figures.LOL

  2. What a lovely table runner! Your bear drawing is adorable. Unlike Maria, I can not draw even stick figures.

  3. Love Marilyn's patterns we are so lucky In Australia with so many clever designers.
    Love what you have made Claire Michelle,the runner is so pretty and so Claire bear.
    My what a clever drawer you are,your bear is so cute,hope you are feeling better soon Michelle,namaste my friend.xx

  4. Marilyn's bag is gorgeous. I was lucky enough to meet her at Let's Get Stitched. The table runner you made for Claire is lovely Michelle. Love your teddy sketch too. xx

  5. Hi Michelle - oh darn that cold of yours, I hope you feel really soon! The runner is very pretty well done, it looks like everyone enjoyed that swap, I have seen some really lovely gifts being shown on blogs x

  6. Michelle, I am sorry you have caught the cold, there are lot of bad viruses going around this year. As for me, I am crossing fingers and consuming oranges, hoping to avoid said lurgies. Lots of nice sewing action going on in your post - love the first sewing bag. xx

  7. Your drawing is beautiful, I can't even do stick figures! Feel better soon.

  8. Such a gorgeous Dresden table runner, lucky Claire. Hope you're feeling well soon. Love your drawings you are so talented.

  9. As Shez said, we are so lucky to have so many talented designers in Australia and it's delightful that Marilyn's designs are now available. I love your designs too Michelle and those drawings you've been working on are gorgeous. And that runner you made for the swap is lovely...beautiful fabrics too!

  10. PS and I hope you feel a lot better pretty soon!

  11. I hope you are feeling better soon Michelle, drawing is a lovely relaxing way to pass time while you get better! The bear is beautiful. the Dresden table runner is lovely too.

  12. Marilyn is so clever and such a sweet lady, too. Love your teddy drawing...I have a bear that looks exactly like her here. Mine is wearing a vintage baby dress with smocking. xx debbie

  13. Your Dresdon for Claire is gorgeous...the colours are has been a fantastic swap, its been amazing watching all the amazing goodies the girls have your teddies...hope you are feeling better x

  14. Gorgeous Dresden swap gift! You did a wonderful job and I'm sure Claire just loves it! Love your teddies...fingers xx that you feel on top of the world really soon! :)

  15. Lovely projects from Marilyn and I love the Dresden table runner you made for Claire - very pretty. You are so talented Michelle with your beautiful drawing

  16. Thank you so much Michelle for your lovely words in your post. The dresden table runner is beautiful, and I love your drawing of Merle.
    Oh, and I think I also have a share of that horrible cold and am feeling rather blah today. Hope we both get rid of them quickly.

  17. The table runner you made for Claire is just gorgeous. What beautiful colors. WOW! I love your drawing. So sweet. You are so talented.

  18. So sorry to hear you are under the weather , hope that cold finds a new home soon . Lovely runner for your partner and lovely bag designed by Marilyn .

  19. no no no... chase the cold away... i love the runner you made.. beautiful and your bear is so sweet and fluffy... I have ordered a case pattern from Marilyn.. now for some time please...

  20. Lots of lovelies.
    I agree. Marilyn's patterns are delightful.
    Your gift for Claire is gorgeous. It looks beautifully made.
    I do hope you are well soon but in the meantime enjoy your sketching time!

  21. Your drawing is so good Michelle. I hope Merle sat still while modelling?

    Im on the sick list too this week. Cant recall the last time I took a week off work!


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