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Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Have Made it Back AGAIN!

Good Morning! Well we have lift off....slow but I am not complaining better to be here than not.... technology is so wonderful when it works. That is all I shall say on the matter.
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I also hope all my FNQ friends are safe and have not fared to badly in the wild weather dished out by Cyclone Ita. Bit of a wild girl was Ita!
I don't have a lot to show you as a lot of time as been spent running hither and yon with my computer. I have fancied however making some more Framed Hexies. I had been doing some little stitcheries for them and was all set to go. I do love them.

Last night I cut out the backings and managed to complete one Hexie.
I think I feel a little table centre coming on. I know it is far too early for Christmas stitching but makes me feel happy.
I know I am probably boring you to tears with my Cooktown Orchid photos but I just find them so delightful. They are giving a very nice show this year.
My darker one(a cutting gifted from my lovely friend Kay) just gave me a little tease last year of what was to come. Look at her this year....

The paler one (from my Grandmother) is very delicate looking.

Ahh! Mother Nature does show us her beautiful creative side when flowers bloom.
That's it from me folks,
Remember to embrace your own special kind of beautiful! Unique creation that you are.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Welcome back Michelle. Those framed hexies are just wonderful.

  2. Hi Michelle, I'm glad things are looking up for you.
    Your framed Hexies look lovely as do your gorgeous Orchids.
    Hoping little Erin is getting good results also.
    Hugs and Best Wishes to you all.

  3. Lovely Cooktown orchids - I really have to get me that bright pink one. Lovely weather for us as a spinoff from Ita - cool and damp for a change! Have a great week stitching.

  4. love your hexies michelle,they are very cute and your flowers are so pretty,flowers make me smile,enjoy your sunday my friend.xx

  5. Cute hexies! I was thinking of you yesterday as we had a bunting class at The Country yard, & one of the ladies was making an Easter bunting. She had carefully stitched the letters from your alphabet booklet, so pretty.

  6. Michelle it's never too early for Christmas some of us think it should happen all year round! Love your orchids.

  7. welcome back from technological banishment.
    very sweet little hexies..
    Hope things are better with regards to your granddaughter..

  8. Glad your back hav missed your your hexies Michelle..

  9. Good to see things are sorting out. Love those framed hexies and your pretty orchids!

  10. It's never too early for Christmas stitching, Michelle!

  11. Glad to hear you are getting your computer problems sorted Michelle. Love those hexies you have done - also we never tire of your orchid photos - those colours are just stunning. Happy Sunday to you x0x

  12. Love the framed hexies. Have just finished all my Miss Mistlemouse stitchings so Christmas must be in the air! All good thoughts for the test results.

  13. Glad your computer is behaving Michelle. Never too early for xmas - such sweet little stitched hexies. And your orchids are beautiful - I have a soft spot for them also

  14. Nice to see you back, your hexies are looking good, and your flowers are just beautiful....xx

  15. Nice to have you back Michelle,, lovely hexie and beautiful flowers.

  16. your orchids are lovely... they are such 'perfect' flowers aren't they.... love your bordered hexies... funnily enough I took out the pictures this weekend to trace... still not traced but they are one step closer!!!

  17. Sweet hexies and beautiful flowers xxx


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