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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Domestic Duties

Untidy I certainly am but I have always maintained a "clean" abode but when the Pest Control Man is coming and you pull out all your furniture and have a real good Spring/Summer clean I have so say I was appalled..errk! So that's what I have been up too. Cleaning and more cleaning. I am in the process of doing my Sewing Cave which always seems to defeat me but yesterday after my efforts I could at least see my sewing table...
It was another humidity ridden day and so I was drenched by the time I called it quits for the day. I thought a lovely swim to cool off and then pop the air on and do a little stitching in my chair. Thunder rumbled and I could see lightning as I swam and so the swim was cut short as the sky started to look like this.
and by the time I got back upstairs and changed it was pitch black just like night time....very spoooky!!
But then we went from that to this at 4.15pm
and did not regain power until the wee hours of this morning. So consequently not a stitch was done. I don't know how pioneering sisters stitched by candlelight....makes you wonder.
Mr R. and I reverted to a camping dinner by candelight...barbequed chicken legs with a freshly cut up mango and a Weiss bar for desert. Today we have a beautiful breeze blowing and it is downright civilised.
Maybe after some more tidying in my Sewing Cave today I may actually get some stitching done.
I noticed yesterday that a lot of the little orchids I have growing in my trees in and around my garden are all beginning to bloom. I picked a couple of spikes to bring inside...they are so pretty.
Thank you everyone for your very kind comments on yesterday's post about Kerrian. I appreciated each and every one of them.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I'm with you, Michelle. We recently lost our power for three days due to an ice storm and stitching by candlelight was impossible. Your sewing cave looks lovely.

  2. I'm glad we didn't lose power. Hope you get stitching today. Much more pleasant to stitvh today. Hugs, xx

  3. what a strange day you had Michelle we had the heater on yesterday,we are still waiting for our summer,hope you get time to do some stitching today.xx

  4. Wasn't that storm dreadful - and we were lucky and didn't lose power! Seems more pleasant today, and I'm feeling guilty because no spring clean is a'happening round here - but it should. Love your orchids - do they grow from a cutting?

  5. Was a nasty one - we lost power several least its cooled it down a bit.
    Your orchids are lovely.

  6. Oh you sound just like me Michelle - I try to maintain a clean house but sometimes I shock myself when I pull things out. I have a sewing "cave" also. Your dainty orchids are just beautiful :-)
    I was SO very sorry to read in your last post about your cousins passing - my heartfelt condolences go out to you - it was a lovely post & a tribute to her. Julie x0x

  7. I'm very sorry to read about your cousin Michelle, very sad for your family. Your post makes me feel guilty as I have so much cleaning and ironing to catch up on but this heat is just not helping. Beauty of a storm yesterday. We did not lose power as you did. Certainly changes our plans when that happens. Thinking of you. Big Hugs.......

  8. Power outages are not fun....worst thing, though, is not being able to make coffee! Your orchids are very pretty.

  9. Sounds like a nasty place is availabke if you want to do more cleaning...LOL

  10. Very exciting to have a blackout every now and then, but I don't know how the pioneers ever sewed either. Hope the cooler weather stays.

  11. Wow talk about having many seasons in one day! Must have been one huge storm! Hope today was more comfortable for you...any dragons by the pool these days?

  12. HOpe your night was not too hot without power.... bbq chicken sounds lovely.... thats the best thing about power cuts...
    lovely orchids....

  13. I have wondered on and off for a long time how our pioneer women managed to get any sewing done - everything was so much more labour intensive back then! At least you have had a reprieve from the sweltering heat today - we have been spoilt down here with temperatures in the late 20 for the past week - ssooooo not looking for our usual summer to kick in!!

  14. Had the heater on again last night I'm sure summer will start for us any minute know. Have just finished Spring cleaning place looks so good when I came home yesterday I thought I was in the wrong house!!

  15. Some of us slackers employ cleaners with OCD...mine pulls out all the furniture fortnightly and cleans under things. I was mortified when I found this out because it would have been a dogs breakfast under there the first time she did it....

  16. Sometimes we all need a little nudge to do these things - and then we wonder why we waited so long. Oh, dear!
    Your weather sure is crazy. I do agree about our early settlers sewing by candle light. I know I would struggle. And yet some of their work was beautiful.
    Your orchids are delightful. And I love the little table centre under the vase, too.

  17. The weather seems very angry all over the world at the moment.
    Condolences to you for the loss of your cousin.

  18. I hope the weather is improving for you. The scary thing about cleaning is the more you do the more you seem to find those messy corners! Lovely orchids. xx

  19. Some friends were over the other day and we where just talking about the very same thing. I can not imagine living in the pioneer days. I am way to spoiled with these times.
    Hope you are having a wonderful stitching kind of day.

  20. I often wonder too how on earth our ancestors managed to do such lovely stitching! How they would be amazed at all our gadgetry!
    The weather is so confusing at times!!
    I'm sorry to hear about your cousin, it sounds like she was a special lady.


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