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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Baby Alphabet

My "Baby Alphabet" is now finished and ready. I haven't stitched a sample yet as it appears lots of you couldn't wait that long....which is very nice. Must be all those new Nana's out there. So instead of a photo of a sample on the front I have drawn a little piccie that you could also use maybe as a little wall hanging or framed piece. I asked a couple of my little friends to show it to you.
Once again there are 26 separate letters each with their own little stitchery design. There are no projects included in the pattern so you can be creative and use them on whatever you would like to.
They look great on bunting for the nursery, framed or put on to a canvas, wall hangings, on bibs, burp towels, baby albums or you can link the letters BABY and make a lovely framed piece.
I hope you like my little friends...there are a floppy bunny, cute teddy, a little lamb, owls even a little giraffe.
The cost is $14.00 Aus and if you wish to purchase one you can email on
My friend Diane has her copy stashed in her sewing box already to get stitching for her gorgeous new grandson (saw piccies last night adorable!!!!!)
I have actually been doing quite a bit of quiet stitching but really all I can show you is a bit of a sneaky and I feel so mean....
My pile is getting larger and I will be forced to make friends with my sewing machine very shortly.
Yesterday on my know bill paying etc. I happened to get sidetracked in the book store (not hard for me I assure you. I so wanted to have that book store in the movie You've Got Mail!) and anyway I have read a couple of books by author Tony Parsons, who writes Aussie country family type sagas that are loosely based around folks he knew or compilations of such. The theme also features the breeding and training of our working dogs here...Kelpies. I really enjoyed the two I read being a big dog lover.
So I was very happy to get this book in my hot little hands for less than half price.
I am really looking forward to getting all involved in these pages.
That's it from me, oh almost forgot....I am signing up over at Cheryll's for...

We are bending the rules and having it later this month due to New Year festivities. Why don't you pop over and sign up too. It is good fun.
Now I am really done!
Enjoy your day,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. oh my you sure have been busy Michelle,your mind must go a hundred miles an hour,see you tomorrow night,have a wonderful day my friend.xx

  2. That baby alphabet will be gorgeous but the next project has me intrigued - I love house patterns....mmmm how long will I have to wait for that??? - just joking...
    I'll join you sewing tomorrow night - (I was ready last Friday too but no one turned up!!!)

  3. Luv an Aussie storyline, will look for that one, Di Morrissey is a favourite!!! Happy stitching!!

  4. Yay. Emailed you Michelle. :). Oo that sneaky looks interesting. Love houses. Hugs, xx.

  5. I love the face of the little lady appearing on your sneaky peek - very cute. A baby alphabet is such a sweet idea - I'll have to order more babies, the others are growing too fast!

  6. Congratulations on your new alphabet. Creativity is obviously flowing for you in 2014.

  7. The new little alphabet book is gorgeous, I love the picture on the front. xx

  8. You have been busy. Need to put in an order for the baby alphabet... check your

  9. Congratulations Michelle on what will surely be another successful design series from you... many stitchers will love to make all sorts of items that will feature your pretty letters for little ones x

  10. Well done on having the baby alphabet ready. Lovely little lot of stitching there, too. I must have a look at that author. I am on the lookout for an Australian novel for an overseas friend's birthday.

  11. Congratulations on the new pattern. It is wonderful to see it ready to go.
    Good luck with all your stitching, but make sure you enjoy that new book, too.

  12. Another lovely set of patterns and your new stitchies look lovely....
    Happy reading...

  13. Sounds like another great alphabet series... hopefully one of these days there will be young people for me to stitch for!! Your sneaks look intriguing - are they more new patterns?

  14. That would be a cute baby about a baby Aussie animal design? Baby wombats are cute, koalas, wallabies and kangaroos, echidnas.....

  15. Love the baby purchase I think.. Have started our new project..well picked the fabric..hehehe..<3
    Keep up that gorgeous stitching.

  16. Way to go on the pattern finish Michelle. Im sure that will be a big hit !

  17. Another beautiful pattern Michelle you are very talented. Look forward to seeing the house block when finished it looks wonderful.

  18. Congratulations on the new pattern,enjoy reading your new book.look forward to seeing the sneaky peek !!!

  19. The baby alphabet looks adorable. , you are so talented ! Your sneak peaks look interesting too , can't wait to see what you have created . Enjoy your book , by the way I loved that movie "you've got mail" .

  20. I love Tony Parsons books I got that one in an Op shop a while back for 50c
    Well done on the new alphabet


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