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Friday, January 3, 2014

A Shiny New Year

I don't know what it is about the beginning of a new year that makes you feel renewed. Perhaps it is like that new book on the first day of school....fresh and blank, where all the things are possible.
I have never been a New Year resolution maker. I have always felt that life offers enough pressures without adding one more. Plus as I tend to follow my "muse" I would never give it another thought. I am not saying I don't set goals. I do but I also don't get hung up if I get taken in another direction (that's how I came to be a blogger lol). So the 2014 calendar is hung....
and whilst there is no snow here, it is certainly making me feel cooler just looking at it. I bought is because of the beautiful paintings of quilts. I think it is just lovely. I love Diane Phalen's artwork. My little tin that holds my quilting needles and favourite quilting cotton has her artwork on the lid.
The Christmas decorating is just about all put away....
and little "Summer" mini from Season's Stitcheries is on the stand and boy we are under no illusions here that it is indeed Summer....very hot already here today already! Phew!
My lovely swap gift from Tarnyia is gracing my little table and looks lovely. Can you see there that wonderful quilting.
and a little stitching is in the hoop...I know what you are thinking but yes it is Christmas and as you are probably over it I will just assure you that you won't have to see it for quite awhile.
Do you remember my dear friend Diane and her lovely baby quilt...
Well I am very excited to tell you that it has a brand new owner...welcome to baby Jack. Nothing quite as wonderful as a brand new little life to start the new year. Sending big hugs and congratulations to you all. He is the first grandchild for my friend and her hubby. Jack is one very fortunate little boy to have such wonderful and loving Grandparents and Parents.
Ok I would love to stay longer and play but more putting away is waiting for me.
Have a lovely weekend and if you are in Brisvegas....try and stay cool.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. lovely post michelle and i love the table topper Tarnyia made you,have a lovely day my friend.xx

  2. Great post.... the table topper is very nice and the baby quilt is fab...have a great day

  3. Oohhh a new grandie... how wonderful for your friend! Lovely quilt too and it's never too early for xmas :)

  4. Oh love the calendar!! Your stitcheries never fail to make me smile, even if they are out of season!!

  5. Happy New Year, Michelle. Love your post today and all the eye candy!! That little quilt is adorable. Anything with cute little birdies on it gets my attention!

  6. Love the table topper Michelle. Congrats to your friend. Sharyn:)

  7. Wishing you a wonderful New Year Michelle, it has been lovely catching up with all your recent posts.
    Hugs Rosalie.

  8. Happy New year Michelle. My decorations are packed up I too, but I always seem to miss a I leave the box out for a while. Very hot here today too, reading and stitching in the aircon is about my limit. Looking forward to a swim later.

  9. We're trying to stay cool here and fighting a losing battle! 42.8 deg so far.....

  10. You can show Christmas anytime you like. I will always enjoy it.
    Good luck with the packing.
    You seem to be getting a very hot run with your weather. Good luck staying cool.
    Lovely to hear about a new baby, too.

  11. You can never, ever have too much Christmas :) Love the new design your working on and that baby quilt is just gorgeous :) Barb.

  12. Beautiful stitchery cannot wait to see the finished piece.

  13. Lovely summer stitchery Michelle. Stay cool tomorrow it is going to be hot here. Predicting 43 degrees in Beaudesert. Our pool is getting a work out this year. Hugs.....

  14. What Great news for the new Grandparents! !
    Have a lovely new Year..

  15. I love a New Year too Michelle. I just keep thinking of all those days where nothing has happened yet.

    I dont do resolutions any more either! Im not a skinny, classy , well dressed chick despite making that resolution about a million times. Ive given up and Im going with what the universe has planned for me...

  16. Congratulations to Diane, on being a gran to baby Jack! Isn't it hot? Your snow calendar is the perfect antidote. Admiring your Summer stitchery on the stand, then I spotted the little blue bird to the left - I have the exact same bird! - Twins!!

  17. Lovely baby quilt. I'm sure that all the goals you set will be reached and it's always time for another gingy.

  18. welcome to little Jack.... I can assure your friend that little Jacks are very cute....
    I also don't make resolutions.. since I am a rebel I tend to break them very quickly!! but I do like my lists...

  19. Gorgeous calendar - mine is all written up and hanging colourfully on my wall. we know you designers need to be 6 months ahead of the rest of us - so go for it!- looks lovely like all your designs.
    Totally over the heat cant even talk about it...


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