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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Sneaky & Show & Tell

Good morning all. As I am tied to the computer today I thought I would do a quick post before I get to it. I have a little sneaky to show you that is a project for one of the craft Magazines later in the year.
Yes there are little mousey ears there!! I really like the country/picnic type look of that fabric.
Sometimes I really think my brain goes on vacation without me and just sends me a postcard that reads...."something is wrong with this picture!"
Yesterday I happily began assembling my little Dresdens....I was oh so pleased but....
it suddenly occurred to me that...(postcard from the brain!!!)
little Dresden Plates really do look better with their little circles in the middle!!!! I honestly think it is the lack of chocolate. You see I have been trying very hard to cut down and it is obviously not good for me!!
Show & Tell:
Two ladies who do have their creative brains in gear are Shez who made my "Cherish" cushion featured in Country Threads Magazine Vol 14 No 9..and Pauline.
My brief was "soft vintage with a touch of coral" Look at Shez's gorgeous version.
So pretty. Shez also personalised it with her friend's initials in the heart. I love how a different colourway just gives a whole different look. Well done Shez! I hear Jan liked it as well.
For those of you who are enjoying my new "Baby Alphabet"
You have Pauline (no blog) all the way over in WA to thank. Pauline wanted to get a special little gift made to send off to a special little someone in England. So I got a wriggle on so she could get it done in time.
Pauline has kindly given me permission to share with you her very pretty bunting that she has so beautifully stitched with my little letters.

I think it is so pretty and I am delighted that a little somebody across the waves will have a little touch of me.
As a firm believer that "creativity is good for your soul" it makes my heart sing when I see you very clever people tapping into your own creativity with something I have drawn.
Thank you Shez and Pauline for sharing you lovely work and allowing me to share it here.
Speaking of work I must get back to mine....perhaps a cuppa to help the focus a little.
Enjoy your day,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Love the sneaky peek. The dresdens look great. Great minds think alike. I'm doing a bunting for my grandson as well. :). Hugs,xx

  2. Beautiful projects on today's post. The dresdens are so pretty and I love seeing the same pattern in different colourways. The alphabet looks gorgeous on the bunting. xx

  3. Fun projects for your show and tell today!! Love the pillows and the bunting the ladies made. I'm slowly saving $$ to purchase some of your stitchery patterns!!

  4. sweet sneaky and I did have such a laugh about the dresdens!!! I love the projects people have made from your pretty patterns...

  5. Hi Michelle - your dresdens look great - I SOOO know what you mean as I am trying to cut my chocolate consumption down & have got rid of my choc stash's all round the house. That bunting is just beautiful beyond words - what a treasured gift.

  6. Lovely projects you're working on. It must be wonderful to see how other people use your designs.

  7. Love the bunting and Shez's pillow. Your dresdens are gorgeous Michelle even with out their centres. My boys always say I'm having a Senior moment when things like that happen to me. Hugs.......

  8. Lovely photo's & pretty makes from your happy customers!
    That's funny with the lack of chocolate! My Dresden's have Yoyo's for the centre circles, just for something a bit different.

  9. Had a giggle about the plate centres! Love the bunting and I so need to get onto my labels using the pattern.

  10. yep definately because you didnt have chocolate so you went into brain fuzz,lol,thats something i would do,lol,your sneak peek looks rather cute and your dresdens are lovely and i so like your patterns my clever friend.xx

  11. Looks like a gorgeous sneak peek . :) hehe beautiful Dresden's didn't even notice the centres were missing :)

  12. It could just be the lack of chocolate that made you forget the centres Michelle. At first I couldn't even see what was wrong until you told us. Your dresdens look wonderful though! How special is that bunting!

  13. How lovely those projects are!!
    You have inspired me to make one with me Niece's Name on it. Which alphabet was used in the pink triangles?
    Great work :)

  14. Lovely versions of your designs from the girls. Cute little sneaky peak and love your dresdens Michelle

  15. Chocolate is a vegetable…must eat our veggies! Well it works for me *LOL*

  16. Oh wow love all the projects today.

  17. Love the sneak peak and your dresdans are gorgeous even if they are missing the center , chocolate sounds like the perfect solution, I get rather cranky when I don't have any ;-) Great pillow by Shez and the bunting is adorable , your talent shines in others and if you check my blog today I have shown your work as well , hugs Sheila

  18. Silly Michelle...otherwise the food would fall thru our
    Your dresden looks fantastic (even without the centres) and your patterns certainly are well used. I use them too just can't show yet as most are ssshhh secret sewing!
    Thank You for your peek...can't wait to see it in full! :)

  19. Michelle you make me laugh. I say it is ok to sneak a piece of chocolate every now and then when no one is looking. We all need a little brain food. LOL I am just going to have to find Country Threads over here. I know JoAnn's caries a few Aussie magazine's Since I have not been in a while I am going to have to check it out this week.

  20. Love your dresden's even without the centers :) It was fun to see pictures of what others are doing with your wonderful designs. Wish that magazine was carried here. The heart is adorable. Nola

  21. Obviously a very busy day for you.
    I always enjoy seeing your projects in the mags.
    The dresdens are coming along fine regardless of the circles.
    Great pics of your patterns being used. Lovely projects.
    Don't get stuck at the computer all day.

  22. You tease! I want to see more! It's enticing me to stitch!

  23. Easy Peasy to add circles to those Dresdens Michelle. They look lovely as does the sneaky peek.

    Im hoping to get off the computer and into the sewing room fairly quickly today - I have a beautiful quilt on the machine that I want to finish!

  24. Goodness lots of fantastic projects happening at your place Michelle....


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