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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Winter is Officially here...

Winter's first day means I get to hang up my "Winter" mini....
which is part of my "Season's Stitchery" mini quilts design which is now in pattern form if you missed my last post. Just email me if you are interested.
Old man Winter has turned on a cloudy old day just to mark the occassion.
Now what does every stitcher worth her salt do when she has many things on the go which 'she' could be putting energy into to get them nearer to the finish line???? Well of course 'she' starts something else doesn't 'she' :o)
My lovely friend Teresa from All things Vintage gave me a lovely charm square pack of French General "Rural Jardin" by Moda as a gift. I have been mulling over and drooling over this pack since she gave it to me. I wanted to use the entire pack but didn't just want to sew them together in squares so I decided to make a circle quilt. So I have cut them all into circles bar 2 which are to light for the background and I am going to applique them on to background squares.
This way I can appreciate the whole pack without losing to much of them....aren't they pretty?
I have several other charm packs (who doesn't!!) that I think I will give the BubzRugz treatment and make into a 'coins' quilt. If you missed my friend Fiona's great tutorial on how to make one click HERE to check it out. She is a wonder that girl....even I could understand the's great.
My little pile of Granny Squares is slowly growing...
Although like most novices I had no clue how far a ball of yarn would go and because I bought the yarn from Dodgy Brother's cheap shop I could get no more of the pretty green and as I am a girl who likes to "match" I have had to try and make it look much more of a scrappy version. So goodness knows what this is going to look like when I am done but hey I figure if you were chilly you would be glad of it. So I shall keep on practicising. The changing colours neatly is something that takes a little practice too.
I am off to cut out my squares for my circles (that sounds freudian doesn't it) and then hopefully get started appliquing them on.
Lastly I wanted to hop up on my soap box for a moment and just remind you all of how special and unique you all are and to tell you that there is no one anywhere on this planet of ours quite like you, before or since. Sometimes in the busyness of our lives as women we forget this important fact. So embrace your "uniqueness" and take a moment or two to appreciate "YOU"  with love. Hopping down now....
Enjoy your weekend.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. The first day of winter is excellent for stitching.....and for starting a new project. What a great way to use the charm pack, I think it will be a lovely quilt. I do admire your crochet, I don't think I can put my quilting down long enough to try it. And thank you, you are a wonderful individual too! X

  2. First day of winter and its wet, wet, wet here in Melbourne. Great to catch up with all you have been doing.

  3. we have had a wet intro to winter. bit gloomy.
    can't wait to see your circle quilt come together and your crochet is looking gorgeous.
    you can get on your soap box anytime. thankyou you are a gem.

  4. Winter is here too, it's a good day to stay indoors and sew! It will be interesting to see your circle project when it's done.

  5. Our first winter's day is beautifully and sunny but quiet cool.
    A lovely day to sit on my patio and stitch
    Love your Winter stitchery..

  6. First day of winter and all its done is rain :( great excuse to stitch thought :) hugs

  7. A lovely and so true soapbox message there, Michelle. So true about you also. Great idea for using the charm pack, and your crochet squares are looking good.

  8. Your crochet squares will be just perfect for snuggling under, the colours are pretty together.
    Perfect winter project - a pretty circle quilt.
    Enjoy the season.

  9. Thank you for getting on your soap box abour 'uniqueness'. That is just what I needed today. Your granny squares are looking lovelly and if it keeps you/someone warm or makes you happy that is what matters the most.

  10. Happy first day of Winter to you too!!! Its raining here also, never need an excuse to stitch. Cant wait to see your scrappy crochet quilt x

  11. Oh Michelle - you always put things so well...your little squares look great and scrappy looks are always "IN"!!

  12. Wonderful post Michelle. Love your mini's. Look forward to seeing your Rural Jardin quilt. I have some of this fabric in my stash and I love it, just haven't had time to do anything with it. Hugs.....

  13. I love winter, great for all things crafting and even better in the garden. Love the mini's.

  14. we all need a reminder of how special we are... love your crochet squares and well done for tackling all those circles... thanks for a lovely compliment too!! xx

  15. Lovely Winter stitchery.
    Winter greeted us with buckets of rain. Can't complain - it was definitely needed!
    Have fun with your circles and squares.

  16. I cant wait to see the circles quilt Michelle. Circles are a favourite of mine. (I have another circles quilt pinned that I'm hoping to get to this year)

    And coin quilts - another fave! And they're so easy to put together but always look fabulous.

  17. Very nice post Michelle. I hope you are feeling much better. This bug has had me down for 12 days! I get the mention of tissues too..LOL...I've gone through so many. Wishing us both a much better week to come! xx debbie


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